Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Girls Caned and Strapped by a Strict Uniformed Matron Behind Bars

Just one of the delights to be found in the extensive new set of photo galleries I have just added to my website:  BEYOND THE BARRED WINDOW.  Yup, I've always loved those stills from the BARS AND STRIPES videos, especially those featuring the prison matron in her nurse-style uniform.  

And other than certain tales within the Rigid East cannon (who currently host a storyline involving girls in both baggy pyjamas AND straightjackets:  Now, where have you come across THAT mix before?) some of the BARS AND STRIPES scenarios are the closest I've come to finding the sort of thing I have often conjured in my own imagination and have attempted to reproduce in the INSTITUTIONALISED trilogy.  They currently even have a storyline involving an unofficial indefinite detention - and I so like that word: INDEFINITE!  So I have just this minuet completed setting up a whole string of FREE galleries (ok so there is a commercial link at the end of each set - but I have to earn a crust somehow! So if you want to buy one of their films I get a chunk of the proceeds; you know how it works!).  I'll be adding more over time, and some film clips too.  But for now, other than perhaps adding a decent-looking start page to the website (the site currently opens on its index and links page) I'll be going back to the comic book project, with another little writing project on the side involving an element of femdom and so a new departure for me.  If you want to check out the new galleries, click on the pic situated at the very top of this posting which will whisk you straight to the BARS AND STRIPES sub-index page of my website.  


Madmonkey said...

There was also an interesting storyline where a guard named Kami I believe, switched places with an inmate for some reason. I think she was trying to infiltrate the prison Brewbaker style, but I can't be sure. I haven't been able to find any record of that shoot recently though and wonder if it isn't because it conflicted with Kami's new continuity as a reporter being held indefinitely on trumped up charges.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Madmonkey

Well, I'm afraid cant help you there; except to say the latter storyline is far more to my taste... I so love to hear or read that word: 'indefinite'!

I think I've downloaded the vast majority of 'stills' from the series to my website at


so you try taking a peek there.