Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Woman Disciplinarian Ponders

There is little to say about this one, except: having recently come across Pinterest - and having been fiddling around today setting up an account - I blundered across this perfectly innocent image and... Well, the result gives an idea of the sort of thing which on occasion even the most innocuous imagery can conjure up in my mind.

Obviously the cane is an introduction, but also so is the nurses' fob watch - I'm quite proud of that, actually, for a few minutes work; it kind of looks like it belongs there.  

And no, before anyone asks; I don't have a 'thing' about young women in pyjamas, in fact I think they can look quite ugly if shapeless, masculine-styled, stripy institutional things; but I guess that is the point!  Ok, all this may not be your particular ‘thing’; but I bet it gets you thinking though!

I've also appended a comment today to my last posting highlighting an old problem which seems to have resurrected itself, namely comments posted by contributors which fail to appear on the blog even though they get forwarded to me by email from Blogger as if they have been.  I have absolutely no idea how this occurs, so all I can do for the time being is manually post them up myself, as I have done today.  Obviously this may entail delays at times, so please accept my apologies in advance; and more importantly, don’t let it put you off posting your ideas, criticisms etc.  

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