Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Private Asylum Detainee Moves On

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The comic strip project based on the images created by my friend and collaborator, Angela Fox, inspired by certain scenes within my third novel trundles on. Over Easter, what with the crap weather and all we have been having here in the UK, and with little else to do, I put to use the time in updating all the frames I have created thus far to include the new style speech bubbles I have been playing with.  I have also been playing around with various other ideas and techniques to wrest the most story-telling potential as possible out of the images I have.  The latest result you can view here; but if you look down to my previous posting you'll see I have taken the opportunity to update the image posted there too (spot the difference - you'll need a good memory or access to an archived / downloaded copy).  I plan this particular set to lead up to a certain culmination point and I plan to then put out the entire short series up to that point on the website and / or Deviant Art, possibly along with the various intermediate stages and the little odds and sods I have created to augment the original images for the sake of added interest.  

The main purpose of all this - besides generating interest in the blog, website and the written work produced by Angela Fox and myself, of course - is to garner opinion, suggestions, criticism and feedback generally to help gauge the viability of continuing the project on to a published venture.  I have spoken with Angela Fox herself who has expressed an interest in creating fresh images.  But there is no particular need for the resulting work to be based around any one book of the three books encompassing the INSTITUTIONALISED series.  One possibility is a simplified rearrangement of the entire story arc into the graphic novel or comic strip idiom.  Another possibility might be to illustrate an entirely different tale, although the basic subject matter would need to inhabit a similar whirl if we are not to waste the effort Angela has already put in to various scene depictions.

With all this in mind, while I don't intend publishing a substantial amount of the resulting comic strip-style stuff here (from the present series onwards) I do intend to paste up the occasional intermediate image as a 'taster', and one possibility (suggested by Angela) is that you, the potential readers, should from time to time suggest where the story should go next at various points (and contribute some fresh ideas of your own - I know there are a lot of fertile imaginations out there!  So let's use 'em!).


Anonymous said...

This series is just great.....the mood is perfectly captured in pictures and it.

QBuzz said...
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QBuzz said...

Ooops, sorry for the mistake in my last comment.

Love the blog Garth, especially where this story is heading!