Tuesday, 26 March 2013

More on our Private Asylum Detainee - And a Few New Links

Hi Ya!  I've been hard at work practically non-stop all week, not least on revamping my CV to suit the likes of GNC (a high street food supplement retailer) who apparently are looking to recruit 'advisers' to work in their outlets with knowledge of gym work, fitness, food supplements, vitamins and the like.  Well I have a master's degree in human nutrition, and I practically live in the gym, so we'll see; I'll have to be careful to disguise my true age though.

The other project that has been taking my time is extending and improving the website.  What I need now is some way to make static the header and menu bar so that they stay in place while the main section of the page scrolls down.  I've tried delving into the HTML / CSS but have come up against an impasse.  Anyone out there  know how to do this on a Weebly-hosted website?  

I also have an article out this month published on The Well Red Weekly (the ezine of The spanking Library - link in the right hand sidebar) on nuns in spanking fiction.  This has generated quite a bit of interest and I try to reply to comments where ever possible, although thus far I have only replied to one.

In terms of this blog, I have added a whole mess of Tumblr blogs to my Tumblr blog listing over in the sidebar on the right and generally had a tidy around, although I still have a few dead blogs to weed out and remove - I hate encountering dead links on other people's blogs and sites!  And I still haven''t quite given up on this graphic comic-book thing I have been working on, a project based around my modifying some of the 3D computer generated images Angela Fox created for me a while back inspired by my third novel.  I have been exploring some different speech balloon styles, generating various forms of signage within the images and trying to create something approximating to cane weals... Anyway, here is my latest offering - see what you think.  Personally I think the speech balloons are a great improvement.  How that style of balloon will translate to the frames I have already produced and which are more 'wordy' remains to be seen, and so the next stage will entail recreating one of those using this filled-in-background style.  I'll be posting as I go to my Deviant Art account at http://toyntanen.deviantart.com/art and possibly also to my flikr account, and one or two - if they work out well - to my Tumblr account.


Orage said...

"Personally I think the speech balloons are a great improvement"

So do I (clap, clap!)

"I have a master's degree in human nutrition"

God, what a dull subject!
Yes, it did seem to me you are a food and fitness devotee.

abby williams said...

I love that nuns and spanking come up in the same post as GNC. Particularly because I first encountered nuns in a mall when I was a small child, and I loved them, and now, malls are minus the nuns but every single one in my area has a GNC. Apparently, shopping centers used to want to save one's soul. Now they want to save one's body. Both valid goals! If there are any valid supplements that allow weight loss from the hips and thighs but allow fleshy bottoms to remain, do let us know! I've just restarted a fitness regime but I don't want to lose too much of my bottom, or my bosom, which is now also a focus of punishment. As I remember from previous fitness endeavors, it's always the parts you want most that fall away first. Any suggestions for keeping the sexier bits but losing the extra?