Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Private Asylum Detainee - A View Into a Different Detainee's Life (Or The Dirty Room 1)

My good friend Angela Fox (link over in the right-hand sidebar) and I have embarked on an entirely new set of comic book style images. Once again she has created the 3D artwork within which I have then added the cane, the wall lights, speech bubbles and the main text. And once again the basic framework is loosely inspired by my third book, Institutionalised 3: A Continuum of Discipline (out on LULU and just about everywhere else), or at least the series that volume forms part of and the spirit of that series; even though this set is not so closely aligned to the original story arc as the previous set was.  But that is part of the point of the exercise.  Angela Fox becomes inspired by some part of the tale and creates an image, which in turn (on a good day) triggers a whole fresh set of ideas within your truly’s devious imagination.  It is not my intention to publish the entire set here, as that would give the game away, but you will get to see one or two works in progress and perhaps one or two failed ideas along the way, and all of it, God willing, leading up to some sort of comic book / graphic novel style thing… I do hope so!

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