Friday, 12 April 2013

A Private Asylum Detainee: The Cane is Raised and Her Bottom Awaits its Tender Mercies

Another of those pics based around original artwork created long ago by Angela Fox (her link can be found over in the right hand sidebar), inspired by certain events depicted in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 3.  As you know (if you follow this blog or have read any of my first three books) the basic story is that of a girl in her late teens who finds herself detained having been fooled and manipulated  by her scheming stepmother and legal guardian - with the aid of a certain less than ethical female clinical psychologist - into volunteering to take part  in a residential psychology experiment as a clinical study candidate - an experiment gone awry to put it mildly!  Just click to enlarge.  By the way; the last picture I posted was all my own - the nurse's dress came from a catalogue scan with its colour shifted to more closely match the uniform dress of the cane-wielding nurse created by Angela Fox.  Talking of whom:  Angela has now created another version of that caning scene featuring our heroine in her straitjacket!  It's just waiting for me to add some final touches and put in the speech bubbles.  Right, that's me down here for now! Now I'm off to The Tollgate for another few pints!  See Ya!


Orage said...

An unfortunate mistake in the bubble over the nurse's head:
It should be helping, not hepling.

Toyntanen said...

Thanks for that, Orage! That's just the sort of thing I would never see in a million years! Hopefully by the time you see this I will have fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Garth,

Even the best of us needs a proofreader! Great job!