Monday, 5 November 2012

Go On! Open Your Beak - Have a Tweet!

I'm going to be out and about today tweeting my way around various Wetherspoon pubs enjoying their beer (Real Ale) festival - and hoping for a little inspiration to strike.  And I've fixed (I think / hope) the link to Twitter across there, over in the right hand sidebar, so there's no excuse!  My next full blog update will be tomorrow (or Wednesday at the latest; when I will be putting together the cover for the new book and hopefully putting together a new article for the Ezine 'The Well Red Weekly').  Meanwhile; I have a whole host of ideas to explore which have sprung up in my head recently, inspired by so-called 'harassment therapy' (of which I have written here in the past) but transposed into the domestic scenario and which I imagine unfurling in the past, perhaps in the early 1960s.

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Orage said...

I'd like to know what urges you to twitter away!