Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fat Girls and Feeders - Implications and Questions (and I'm on Twitter - so tweet me or something)

I was thinking about the documentary film I saw a few weeks back - Fat Girls and Feeders (easily found on Utube et al but recently shown on UK domestic TV) - or rather I wasn't until I came upon this old advert, top left.  Now I, for one, am definitely not into gross, morbid obesity.  But a few chubby pounds constrained by a well designed, firm girdle corset, corselette or other foundation garment, well, that's another thing.  And if those few extra pounds were gained at the whim of another and beyond the control of the young lady herself - better still if enforced by a little judicious application of the cane or strap - that's definitely a whole different ball game... Or is it?  Discuss!  

"A prisoner in her own body" was a quote used.  Another alluded to the control that came with having another under one's care.  "A prisoner of her own mind" was a line I used in one of my own books - and there is more than one comparison drawn between 'care' and control... not to mention dependency.  I am drawn to yet another quote, one I once read in the reader's letters pages of an addition of Janus magazine and alluding to an earlier photo story:  "... [eventually] becoming a slave to her corset".  A different kind of dependency, but one born of the young thing's dependency on another's - much stronger - personality.  Under such a circumstance the imposition of further elements of discipline and yes, the cane, tawse, or riding crop, seems a natural progression - but it's a chicken and egg situation; which comes first dependency, domination or the imposition of corporal punishment. 

Before I go: If you haven't already, you can now read a little missive I wrote recently in the latest edition of The Well Red Weekly  the semi-regular Ezine published by The Library of Spanking Fiction - full of interesting articles and food for thought.

Finally: You can now follow me on Twitter ( @toyntanen ).  I'm very new to the medium and frankly don't know what I'm doing, but I'm off out in a moment, planning to circulate around a few Wetherspoons pubs for to partake of a few of their fine ales on offer in their UK-wide bear festival.  For the first time I am going to be 'tweeting' (I think the term is) about my adventures - and also any spanking / D & S orientated ideas and notions that happen to pop into my head along the way.  So join in... 

And I've earned it!  I have abstained entirely for one month now - and I have completed the new book; I have put it up on LULU as a PDF download but that is all, thus far. as I have yet to come up with a cover for it.  When I have, I'll offer it to ANDREWS UK LTD who publish and distribute all my other stuff in ebook / epub formats. (Difficult to motivate myself, though, when I know Amazon rejected my last book's cover design - they didn't like the depiction of pharmaceuticals - pills and capsules or what ever - err... what about Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann?)          


Orage said...

"For the first time I am going to be 'tweeting' about my adventures - and also any spanking / D & S orientated ideas and notions that happen to pop into my head along the way."

I'm sick and tired of hearing about that damn twitter.
Couldn't you tell your adventures and orientated ideas here on this blog?

Orage said...

BTW, couldn't you provide the Well Red Weekly with a less frightening photo? You look like Jack the Ripper in disguise. ;))

Tiptopper said: "the slowest site I have ever encountered. It took 5 minutes just to get the entrance and another 5 minutes to get in".
I never encountered that problem.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Orage!

Sorry for having not got back to you directly.
I will do so V / soon! Honest!

I intend to post here, too; Twitter isn't supposed to be a replacement. But with the changes made to the way Blogger works I haven't been able to update the blog on the move since around June time - not if I am to include imagery of any sort.

The browser on my portable notebook style computer is no longer fully supported and I can't update it without reloading the entire operating system (some flavour of Linux). I can update with text, but that's it. I can also update comments like this one from the new phone I have (and post pics and stuff to Facebook)but I find the phone cumbersome and too laborious to write much - so 'tweeting'from time to time seemed ideal... except it isn't coz I've got only one follower (some poor old school mate who is sick of hearing - or rather, reading - about me rambling on about beer. And god forbid some sort of spanking or D&S-orientated inspiration should spring in to my mind!

'Tiptopper' was quite correct at the time; there was some sort of problem with the blog loading - I found the same thing myself when I checked. But it seemed to be a global phenomenon; I encountered the same with almost every Blogger blog I tried, especially if linking from another blog. But the problem seems to have rectified itself now.

Shame I can't say the same about my phone line and broadband service here! It's been raining (a lot - even for the British Isles) and consequently the hum is back and the broadband connection keeps dropping out.

Well there is a UK-wide real ale festival running in Wetherspoons pubs (£1.99 per pint in my local branch) and up until yesterday I'd abstained for a month (since the day following my meet up with Snoozz from the US of A - of which more next time.) So I'm off round the pubs to use their WiFi.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so long commenting on this. I've been busy, and I've been sick. Talking about fat girls and feeders...I have taken refuge in comfort food this last week or so, and I have to stop. And now that I can work out again, I'm getting to the gym. Today.

I will comment on the editorial when I've had time to read it, but...I LIKE the "jack the Riipper" photo.

Controlling another person's body is one the most powerful and all pervasive forms of control that there can ever be, because it means control of how they experience their own phyical self from moment to moment. packing the pounds on someone isn't erotic for me, except to thee xtent that it's a form of total and absolute control...and that IS erotic. I take care of myself, and I'm not into fat at all, either on me or anyone else. That having been said, Garth knows about pervasive, relentless, life altering, total control, which is why I love his stories.

The Non Victorian Chick