Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Deviant Art for Deviant Days (or something like that)

Hello again! Less than a week since last time – blimey!Well, here we are, almost October and it's blazing here in London like a chubby teen's well-whipped backside. What a deviant, you are probably thinking, even applying spanking metaphors to meteorological phenomena. But the weather has been pretty deviant in recent years, so why not? And talking of deviance (a gossamer-thin link at best) having finished with the commissioned piece I was writing I have at last begun to turn my attention to exploring photo manipulation and computer art, albeit in the evenings as I am presently tied up earning a crust in the daylight hours.

All of which brings me to (there's a link in the sidebar somewhere I'm sure, listed under 'Useful Resources' ). It's a great vein of inspiration waiting to be explored. As a starting point try these examples drawn and produced by 'Jogbol' (not to worry, you legal minded types – I have the artist's permission). What I like about these images is the plethora of tales that pop into the imagination, partly because of the built-in uncertainty of the context, by which I mean the lack of background detail. By focusing on the subject and the more immediate surroundings greater scope is opened up for what I would call 'personalised imaginative embellishment' (Ok; fantasizing – if you must!). Anyway, if you like what you see just click on the artist's name to visit and then surf from there.

As for that commisioned work, in case you were wondering; I am pleased to be able to tell you that, from the feedback I have recieved thus far, the client seems happy – even delighted - and is apperently enjoying the piece, which is what it's all about! I have to say I was somewhat releived. It turned out to be not at all easy to avoid drifting into my own areas of interest and those other areas I have grown more accustomed to accomadating in my writing over the years. For the latter reason I had become a little concerned towards the end that I might not have placed sufficient emphasis on the client's more specific personal interests. All in all though, it turned out to be a rewarding and inspiring experience! Bye for now!


Orage said...

You have found a kindred spirit there!

Orage said...

"having finished with the commissioned piece I was writing"
How about telling us more, if you feel you are allowed to?
I'm not being nosy, just interested and wondering...

Toyntanen said...

Hi Orage and others! Sadly I couldn't really divulge much about the commissioned piece without giving too much away, and I want to keep the client's confidentiality. If it should one day see the light of day as part of the framework of another story it would do so having been relieved of those sections or references that were specific to the client's interests.

But the latter seems vanishingly unlikely at the moment as I am somewhat discouraged. Although my right foot had all but completely recovered from being run over back in February (as you may recall) I then later injured my left ankle while running on soft sand in Spain at Easter, although I thought nothing of it at the time, it being merely a sprain.

A few weeks ago, however, I awoke one morning with the left ankle somewhat sore and as the day progressed so did the soreness, until it would barely take my weight. Now, presumably because of walking strangely due to the sprained left ankle or what ever is wrong with it, the run-over foot’s injury (the right) has started returning (I came down a little heavily on the right foot on uneven paving a couple of times recently). Add to that the fact that I need a knee replacement on the right side and now the left knee too has become a trifle inflamed and I am sure you can see the problem.

Orage said...

Very sorry about all those medical problems!
A bit much for one individual!


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