Friday, 20 May 2011

Typos Typos Everywhere - And Not a Drop to Drink (And a Ramble about Enforced PE and 1930s Gym Suits)

I know I have been away a while, but despite my initial euphoria on getting the book out of the way I have been feeling a little down. I hope the typos that somehow have slipped through the net have not marred your enjoyment too much if you have already read the third book but neverthe less some did get through - some multiple times such as [who's] used where [whose] would have been apropriate. Worst of all, in terms of sheer emabaressment, were those that cropped up in a couple of the chapter headings - thanks for pointing those ones out in particular, 'Orage'!! Strangly my spell check facility failed to detect anything wrong in any of my chapter headings. I did a little experimentation and lo and behold! MS Word does not flag up spelling errors where words are all in uppercase - well, at least my copy doesn't! But I bet you all knew that! All of the chapters had been previously proofread at least once before going up on Lulu but the thing is fairly big at 473 pages and I know these things get missed and most were rather minor, but when is all said and doneI am something of a perfectionist and it all gets a bit depressing. Being dsylexic doesn't help either!

Before I got all down about it I went out and about with pound note drinking vouchers and camara in hand. Having posted up some pics of where I originated, I though I put up a couple of the squaller to be found in the part of London I inhabit now (North) Just click to enlarge. To be fair this represents just one facit and in a couple of posts time I'll put up a few shots of the environs of some of the pubs I frequent in the area around Muswell Hill, Highgate and Hampstead.

The top left shot is of Turnpike Lane tube station and the empties were seen in 'The Tollgate' pub, Turnpike Lane (just for that chap who said "I don't get it. You post that you had a beer and 9 other people make comments. You publish the book we have all been waiting for, and 2 people comment"). And just to prove that, though not too active, I still read the comments sent in, here a a couple of pics for ‘Sixofthebest’ who wrote a while back... "I have always loved a naughty woman wearing a girdle, pantygirdle, suspender-belt, and stockings, when they are spanked. Thank you for this most erotic feminine underwear"... Hmmm, yum!

Meanwhile, although I had intended to shelve writing any more - at least for the present, as I need to go earn a crust - under the influence of a few beers I started rumaging through all the unused fragments on my netbook and before I knew where I was I was resurecting something I'd written around a PT / PE theme involving girls dressed in "bottle-green bloomer-style gym suits" adapted "straight from a 1930s pattern book" and under the instruction of a gym mistress resplendent and implacable in starched white blouse and skin-tight jodhpurs, cane in hand... You get the idea! I may go a head with it in my spare time just as something to post here - what do you think?


sixofthebest said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Becaues those photo's of girdles are the 'cat's meow', so to speak. along with pair's of 'directoire knicker's, and stockings. Yes, if worn by a naughty lady, before or after, I have caned them, they turn me on, sexually and erotically.

Anonymous said...

MS Word does not flag up spelling errors where words are all in uppercase - well, at least my copy doesn't

That is a user option. You can easily change it.

On Word7 - Click Review on menu bar, then Spelling & Grammar, then select 'options' at bottom left corner of the pop-up box.

Rex Talbot

Toyntanen said...

Thanks for that Rex! I don't have Word 7 but I found it under Tools, Options, Spelling and Grammar where I had to uncheck a ticked box marked 'Ignore words in UPPERCASE' - just in case anyone else encounters this problem.

I have Word 2002, by the way. I am going to starting building a new computer soon as one of my projects while I search for employment and I'll update my software at the same time.

Glad you liked the pix 'Sixofthebest' I'm thinking of uploading a 'DropBox' album soon with girdle and corsellete photos, if there is enough interest.

Anonymous said...

an advantage with Word 7 is that you can save docs as PDFs which is great for uploading to Lulu.