Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Little Fashion Fame - And There is a New Book Out There Some Might Find Interesting

Hi there! Unbelievably A website called Fashion Trending has used a quote from my blog - the first few lines of that 'Happy Birthday Poly' thing I wrote to celebrate the birthday of the invention of polyester under the headline: 'Women's Satin Dresses A Must Have For Any Womanly Wardrobe'. The mind fairly boggles. And this crops up on the same page as ''How Michelle Obama Is Influencing Women's Fashion' ! The snippet they have pinched off me (quote?) is: "There is something about the delicate combination of the dress of a young girl of thirteen or fourteen with the rather slender yet womanly figure and confined waist of a young lady of perhaps seventeen or eighteen – a woman in her own …" And there they leave it. So now I'm a fashion guru and trend setter... So the you are - just accessorise, girlfriend! (said in uber-camp voice with a twee shrug of the shoulders and a flicking back of the forelock - well' I can manage the last part - anyone seen my alice band?). I mean; boy! are they off course, or at least whoever it is who does their research is - it all smells of some sort of automated robotic 'intelligence' gathering thingy if you ask me.

It is a warm (-ish) sunny evening here in Londres and I am enjoying a pint in my local Whetherspoons pub, The Tollgate (crap - but cheap; there's a slogan there somewhere; must buy some shares!). Anyway, it is my first pint in just over a month and so a new record level of sobriety has been reached - three cheers for me!!!

I reckon I have earned it coz I was up working on the rear cover of the new book until 4 AM and was up working on it again, as I was still far from satisfied, at 9:30 AM. Then I had a lunchtime nap. The bloody thing's done with at last, all 473 (I think) pages. The rear cover here I have boosted up the 'Gama' a bit to better show the background image, but it will appear darker behind the blurb in the print copy.

The front cover you will have see
n before but without the title (or with an incorrectly spelled title if you were one of the 'early birds' who glimpsed it before I changed it and then buggered off to Spain).

The center image is something I created as an amalgam of images some time ago for another purpose and that has been pressed into service, horizontally mirrored and recolored, as a semi-transparent image behind the text on the rear cover. Snoozz (whom I rightly credited for the nurse and straitjacket computer-generated image I used in the posting before last, it turns out), supplied several of the elements making up the front cover and my thanks go out to him for that (though I need to revise the book text as I just realized I have not added that credit - not a problem while it is only on Lulu, but would be later if it was to go out on the e-book format!). The latter is the reason I have a team of dedicated volunteers carrying out one final round of proofreading for me - and my heartfelt thanks go out to them also; 473 pages would be a little too much for me alone! All the chapters have been proofread previously as the project has progressed through the efforts of various folk of course, otherwise...

Oh!... And it is now up on Lulu!!! Check out the link in the right hand sidebar.


Anonymous said...

The new book is fabulous. I am loving every page of it.

Ray said...


I love the new Institutionalized 3. Helen has downloaded it from LuLu and has already insidted on reading the first 50 pages to me. It is wonderful and has shown Helen that the lifestyle we are living in real life is not totally unknown and that others recognize how fruitful it can be.
Thank you so so much


susan o'keeffe

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. You post that you had a beer and 9 other people make comments. You publish the book we have all been waiting for, and 2 people comment. Is everone else too busy reading the book?

Toyntanen said...

Hi Ya!

Thanks for the kind comments; I am a little 'down at the moment and every bit of encouragement helps. I hope the typos that have slipped through the net have not marred your enjoyment too much, by the way. There have even been a couple spotted in chapter headings - which is particularly depressing and part of the reason I'm feeling down (see latest blog entry - should be up shortly).

"I don't get it. You post that you had a beer and 9 other people make comments. You publish the book we have all been waiting for, and 2 people comment."

It just goes to show how many folk love their ale, 'Anonymous'.
Actually, I am thinking of starting an entirely separate blog and/or Twitter feed dedicated to real ale and all its joys! Any comments / ideas?

Orage said...

A WHOLE blog dedicated to ale??? I'm speechless!