Monday, 1 November 2010

Popping-Up Pain

In response to 'Orage' and the many others who have contacted me by email to flag-up the problems that have been occurring while I have been away. Many thanks, chaps. I am aware of the problem but only became so on Saturday, when I last had the opportunity to get on the Internet. I am still on the isle of Wight and will be so for a couple more days due to unforeseen circumstances (Translation: the sun has come out!) The pop-up appearing on this blog is a real pain, isn't it? This is not the first time this as happened and it is beyond me while anyone running a blog should put in place such a measure when surely all the listing of their site in my blog-roll is likely to do is increase their visitor frequency / business turnover (assuming some sort of commercial setup). As soon as I work out which link it refers to I will remove it - and from previous experience, that should fix the problem. This is a temporary post forced on me by this issue and will be removed / replaced as soon as I have dealt with the problem, which may have to wait for my return home due to the limited access to the Internet I have while on my travels. While I'm at it, my thanks go to Allen for providing the Blushes letters pages scans I have been featuring recently and my apologies for referring to him as Anon when in fact he is one of the few who does not employ the appellation of anonymous.

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Good luck with that, it is a pain and it will be nice to see it gone.