Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Annoying, but Fixed!

As you know, an error message demanding a password has recently and annoyingly been popping up stating something to do with hot-linking to: at hotlinking images (including favicon.ico) from

For the technically minded among you: I looked through the HTML code and could find absolutely no reference to I then searched the source code to all references to and systematically removed all blogs links pointing to that server.
The culprit or rather culprits (there were three!) turned out to be;,, I would like to suggest that if they want to play that particular game I would urge you to vote with your feet and boycott visiting these sites! I have never knowingly hot-linked to anyone else’s material in my life - however, it does seem possibly more to do with thumblogger itself than anything else.

On a more positive note: It did give me the opportunity to catch one or two broken links and the blogs - Tickle My Bum and Real tears have both been removed as it seems they have closed down.

I am still on the Isle of Wight but will be returning sometime today, so you should get a more interesting posting tomorrow or Friday, all being well.

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