Monday, 12 July 2010

A Quick Update

Hi folks! I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you all know where I am at right now: I spent a chunk of yesterday and of this morning going through all the various illustrations and stages of the construction of the illustrations for the illustrated version of the new book and reporting back to my hard-pressed collaborator in the 'States. Now, suitably inspired, I am about to put pen to paper once more.

I am just about to get on with writing the part where our young lady receives visitors. She has received six strokes of her doctor’s riding crop across her bare behind and been placed back in bed just prior to her two guests arrival and so is still be sobbing when the plastic hospital curtains around her bed are drawn back. Her humiliation starts the moment her eyes meet those of her guardian and those of the lecherous old male solicitor that imperious woman has brought with her and she is obliged to thank them, not only for their visit but also for being kind enough to pay for her to be kept at the institution – not withstanding the fact that the payment is coming from her own trust fund, albeit passing through the hands of a certain church-run charity. But there is more to their visit than philanthropic concern – there are documents to be signed and consequences to be faced for non-cooperation: it’s all for her own good, after all!

The part I'm really looking forward to writing, though is the part where through flashback I get to introduce the enema chair that my artwork collaborator came up with, in the domestic environment of the young lady’s aunt's home and previous to her being brought to the institution – so appropriate to her aunt's long-held Victorian ideals of domestic discipline as applied to the control of teenage girls. I'd love to show you an early example of the illustration… but it would give too much away! Sorry – LOL! As regards the pic above and right. All this looks soooo much fun - and food for thought! Another one from Vintage Scans - see sidebar or my last post for link.
By the way: last time I asked who could give me at least four reasons why the young lady depicted in her school uniform (see immediate right) deserved a long hard caning and gave the clue that they're all uniform-related...
Any ideas yet?


Orage said...

No idea whatsoever :(

summertime75 said...

1 - Not wearing her uniform at the prescribed times.

2 - Damaging / soiling her uniform.

3 - Not taking her uniform off in the correct order.

4 - Com,plaining to Matron about the style of the uniform - too humiliating, all of which should be rewarded with a very long and hard caning.

Orage said...

How about giving us the answer now?