Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Link, a Blog and an Update

Hi! Just a word to say that I have added a link in the right-hand sidebar to the Apple iTunes version of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 as published by ANDREWS UK LTD (click to visit their site whereat you'll find a selection of other folks work to choose from or click the pic to visit Apple iTunes). I have to keep this short as I have my driving lesson today. Talking about driving: I had a go at driving the 'other half's' car at the weekend, but I don't think she has got the personality for it - far too highly strung - and it led to panic on her behalf... which in turn led to panic my behalf and the whole thing turned into something of a nightmare. We must have looked like a pair of panicking blue bottles, thrashing around in a jam jar (a little play on words, there) - LOL. To make matters worse not only has it been extraordinarily hot and sticky over the last week or so, making sleeping at night difficult, but now I have caught a cold which has quickly turned into a chest infection. And this just days away from celebrating my birthday, for which I had planned to spend the day getting extraordinarily drunk in a pub in Camden with friends (but now the weather has turned anyway, going from ridiculously hot to "colder than expected for the time of year" which has put the mockers on the weekend).
Oh!... I almost forgot - I did get a thousand words or so written yesterday around the scene wherein one of my characters is persuaded for the first time to not only accept her leg calipers but to put them on herself without having to be told to each morning. This occurs within an atmosphere of domestic discipline; the padlocks are added later as a superfluous statement of control by the hospital when, later, she finds herself detained - as we know she eventually will! This is a scene that allows me to play with some more ideas regarding psychological manipulation over straight-forward coercion through corporal punishment - in this case being the deliberate induction of hysterical paralysis through the power of suggestion (or satirical paralysis - as my voice recognition software would have it... LOL!!!). Actually, Eric Kroll has created a quite wonderful leg-calliper bondage shot, arguably the definitive - but I can't use it here for copyright reasons; how annoying! However, try this (left) taken from American Fetish, a film dealing with a multitude of fetishes by Michael Simmons (link added to right hand sidebar in blog list)- see right.

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