Friday, 25 June 2010

The Girl in the Striped Pyjamas - A Good Reforming Spank and a Blog

Since I have been going on at length in recent weeks (or has it been months) about humiliating baggy institutional pyjamas, can you imagine my joy at coming across a blog featuring a continuing reform-school style storyline including exactly that. The approach is somewhat different to my own and the scenario is entirely different of course, but the addition of
matching elasticated cotton mop (sometimes, mob) caps is inspired - although those of you who have read the first two volumes of my INSTITUTIONALISED series (see sidebar) (there are only two at present - but with a third on the way) will have come across the concept of the wearing of bonnets as part of an institutional uniform, although not with pyjamas and not at all of that style. But as part of institutional nightwear it makes perfect sense, somehow. I pinched the pic from the section that deals exactly with that - simply click on the photo to go read. To read the latest instalment from The Girl in the Striped - click blog name here, or see the link I have posted in the right-hand sidebar blog list (err... over on the right?). By the way: I don't know where this pic originated - I have never seen it before - but notice how each seems as if obliged to permanently utilise one hand to keep hitched up her pyjama bottoms. A hugely demoralising feature - and a concept I have recently been exploring in my writing, although in what I would imagine to be a completely different context.


summertime75 said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with summertime75 I think baggy pyjamas are not nearly humiliating enough. I don't think it's enough to dress the 'girls' in humiliating outfits, they have to be displayed in public wearing them to have the full effect.

summertime75 said...

Thanks Anonymous, a person after my own heart, public humiliation is the way to go, well public as in peers and staff of the institution.

Anonymous said...

Dear Garth, unfortnately great story about Anna Dobson was deleted.
Cold You advise if You know any copy of this story.
Many thanks in advance!