Friday, 7 May 2010

Badge of Shame and an Institutional Cane

avinia Patient 30 St Mary’s Hospital Secure Psychiatric Unit

Hi folks! just a quicky to let you know where I'm at. As you may know; as well as writing the storyline for the new book I am also collaborating with a computer-graphic artist on the production of a suitable series of graphics with which to illustrate said work. Actually, going beyond the scope of the graphic work, our correspondence has been fruitful in other ways; for example in the inspiration I have derived from the interchange of ideas which has actually led to new dimensions opening up in terms of the story-arc. I can't say too much at this stage for fear of giving too much away, but suffice it to say that recently we have been discussing the intriguing subject of non-corporal punishments, inspired largely by a work I have featured before on this blog, namely 'The Female Disciplinary Manual” by one Regina Snow (I hope I have got that right – I am in a pub with out access to my usual sources of reference). Right at this moment I am hard at work on the design for a badge to grace the baggy institutional pyjamas that I have previously described my heroine having been put . Although I have in the past mocked up a sort of faux school uniform badge thing featuring the clasic crossed crook-handled canes and open textbook, both for the uniforms of the girls in the schoolroom unit and for the uniform that Lavinia's aunt used to make her wear before coming to the unit, (you should be able to find this in the blog archive with a little poking about – I can't quite recall the date right at this moment)' I don't have a design suitable for this particular use. It's important to the storyline that any design featurs the hospital's crest (which I have yet to give much thought to – any ideas, folks?) the girl's patient number, the word 'patient', the name of the hospital and the all-important words “secure psychiatric unit”. I downloaded a series of suitable images I can utilise to knock something up before coming out, and having stashed them on a data stick I will be working away on it while downing a couple of pints (who am I kidding? A load of pints). The pics are a couple I came across this morning in my collection while rummaging for inspiration and originated, I think, from Janus magazine...Enjoy.


Orage said...

Dear Garth,
It seems downing a lot of pints boosts up your inventivity. Now, who would complain?

sixofthebest said...

I've always loved to see a naughty woman being caned on her bare bottom. Yes, be it 6, 12, or 25 hard painfull strokes given to her on her naked derriere, makes my erotic feeling jump with enjoyable pleasure. Just like you get, when you down a pint, or two of ale.