Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Is it Me, is it Nanny’s World - Or Just a Spot of Sanitary Protection?

It is with no little regret that I have to report the sad demise of not one but two blogs previously listed in the blog list in the right-hand sidebar - having spotted the broken links both have now been removed from the list. Both ‘Female Orgasm Denial’ and ‘Enema Photos’ were published on Google's ‘Blogger’ (as is this blog) and both are now reported with the statement “blog has been removed” and that the particular address is “not available for new blogs”.

In actual fact this is the third such occurrence I have come across in recent weeks on while it is perfectly possible that the blog owners themselves may have requested they be taken down I can't help wondering whether Google is starting to play ‘nanny’ - I hope not, but we will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile the writing of the new volume continues apace, as does the collaboration with the digital art illustrator I have spoken of previously, with fruitful ideas flowing back and forth across the Atlantic and inspiration aplenty. Each new idea tends to extend the story arc if it is to be incorporated successfully, which in turn tends to involve a little online research – and, as so often is the case, this has led to the uncovering of a couple of previously undiscovered blogs and a couple of useful resources.

The Condign Blog’ possesses an Internet address that actually lists it as ‘John's spanking blog’ - and in that way it does exactly what it says on the tin, namely a nice little collection of scanned illustrations, photos and spanking themed stories taken from magazines such as Janus et al (click on the top left illustration - pinched from the site -or the blog name to visit). ‘Pampered-Penny’ refers to the eponymous female writer's penchant for… well…Pampers (see what she’s done there? LOL! As always click on the name or on the right-hand illustration - again pinched from the site). Then we come to a couple of what I would describe as ‘useful resources’ and that I have listed under the ‘Useful Resource’ section of the right-hand sidebar: ‘’ amongst other things has a list of writers and blogs to explore, while ‘’ is an adult baby and diaper site possessing much imaginative artwork, illustrations and stories etc (click on the left-hand illustration or on the site name to visit). This is not to say that you can tell from any of this in which direction the new volume is likely to be heading at any point - but you never know! Any views, anyone? Bye for now!

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summertime75 said...

Pampered Penny is an interesting site, I think that Penny keeps reinventing herself, a short time ago she posted an excellent set of pony girl pictures and other BDSM. Clearly she likes to meet the needs of her viewing public.