Friday, 2 April 2010

Toiling in Uniform

I met up with an old school chum yesterday, in a pub in Camden Town (The Spread Eagle, Parkway, for the Camden Town initiated among you). This, as I'm sure you can imagine by now, involved bucket loads of real ale (Young’s Special, in my case) and, despite my best intentions, very little in the way of work. What did crop up, however, when mulling over times gone by, was a recollection of another old school friend many years ago standing in that very same pub and his obvious glee when telling all within earshot of how he had set up his quite attractive young wife of the time in a job as a toilet attendant working in the public toilets close to their home. To be honest I know nothing about the background to their relationship and no more was said on the matter, but to be said that she was always a quite, meek mouse of a girl and on this particular occasion, all the more attractive thanks to the pleasing little blush of embarrassment that washed over her cheeks. Anyway, this fond little memory got to me to thinking about a comment that was posted recently by an anonymous contributor and alluding to the series of correspondence that pops up on this site from time to time regarding the relationship of someone called Judith with her aunt. I realise, from one or two comments I have received, that this series of correspondence is not everybody's cup of tea and of course it has little to do with the story arc contained within my current two volumes and the upcoming new volume - though I'm always grateful for any potential source of inspiration, and there have been one or two ideas that have sprung from this source Nevertheless I thought I would reproduce this latest contribution here as not everyone reads the comments attached to the various postings

“I see that you are continuing to try and correct your niece’s behaviour by imposition of school type discipline. I am sure this is very humiliating for her but does not appear to be producing the required results. I would suggest to you again that you impose a more physically uncomfortable and constraining regime like that which was widely used here on US County Farms. Dress her in a simple dress of plain uncomfortable material such as sacking or the worsted you seem to use and nothing else except a pair of plimsolls. Find her a job in the local community which requires her to do hard physical labour at least in part in public. I am sure that the town council could utilize someone to clear rubbish, sweep the roads and clean the public latrines at minimal cost. When she is not working either have her doing your housework or physical drills. She should work from 5 am to 9 pm minimum. She should be confined at night sleeping on the floor in her dress. She should utilize a bucket and have no toilet access. Whether she can use the bucket in her cell or in front of you, you can decide. She should eat gruel for breakfast, no lunch and a mixture of mashed vegetables/potato and bread for supper. This regime should apply seven days per week. In addition I would suggest you employ corporal punishment as in the old “straffen första” program in Scandinavia i.e. corporal punishment is regularly applied for exemplary work with further applications for any failures. I would suggest eight to ten strokes of the cane to the behind twice per week as the basic application. Clearly any failures during work can be disciplined immediately “in-situ” as well as more formally later. This regime should require less administration on your part and deliver a severe punishment as well as allowing your niece to be used as an example to others.
After this for a few months I am sure that the petty indiscretions will no longer occur and your charge will be more appreciative of whatever limited privileges you grant her including if you so wish wearing uniform. Then perhaps you will be able to place your niece in a menial job of some description, where her freedoms can be limited and her dress be maintained as you see fit.”

To add my two pennies worth; I always thought the idea of this girl being allowed to work in an office job was far too lenient and offers far too much scope for her develop her independence - especially if she is allowed travel to and from work unescorted. Secondly; if she is to be kept in some sort of uniform of her aunts choosing it would surely be better if that same uniform - or some variation of it - could be retained both at work and at home and if she is to be employed in an office and to be in the public eye, this set is obvious limitations as to what may or may not be socially acceptable or expected. If she were to be placed in service, however, perhaps as a skivvy under the supervision of a suitably domineering mistress, and allowed home only at weekends than these complications disappear and her uniform can be made as humiliating as it is practical and functional with the only limitation being imagination of her employer and/or aunt. Then again there is something to be said for keeping her in the public eye, toiling day after day today under after day under the disparaging gaze of strangers - and this brings me back to the idea of finding her a suitable placement as a toilet attendant. It would be quite expected and socially acceptable for her to be kitted out with a nylon overall and apron and she could be escorted to and from her place of work with a gabardine raincoat tightly buttoned and belted over it. Of course the raincoat would return home with her aunt, to be brought back at the end of her shift for the return journey; she would thus be presented with a choice of staying at her post throughout of venturing into the street in her shabby nylon work-dress and apron. Whatever employment she is placed in I would expect all proceeds - such as they might be - any position being suitably low paid - to go straight into her aunt’s pocket. If she was to be employed as a skivvy or lady's maid then I would expect the majority of her meagre wage to go for room and board and of course to pay for her uniform in any case. Anyway, I've had a rummage around Internet this morning looking for suitable floor-scrubbing pictures and instead came up with these little gems. The dress I came across on Flickr and thought it perfect for either scenario - certainly no young lady of this day and age is going to want to be seen out and about in that and yet it is both eminently functional and smart enough for most forms of work if placed in service. The second picture is just an example of a nice little touch of shame and humiliation - perfect as an early step in taking a young woman down a peg or two when first entering an institution.


Eddy said...

I think the idea of a young lady working in her office while under going punished a good idea. Especially if she was a snooty bitch formerly keen to display her long shapely legs in a short skirt, she would not be so keen to show off her well caned thighs and legs in her new outfit. Maybe she could be made to wear her hair in bunches or have her hair cropped. As to what sort of outfit she should wear...well it has got to be brief so it shows off all her female charms, also childish and noticable, so it must be colourful.
Various staff members would have the right to beat her if they so wished, as far as males were concerned this would go right down to the office boy. Just ideas...great blog by the way.

Orage said...

Not everyone reads the comments? Well, they should!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the proposals made to further my niece’s disciplining. At this stage I have decided to reinforce a regime of school discipline and cease her opportunity to go to work. In doing this I have also made clear to her that even when having again shown she can be trusted to behave satisfactorily that her next work opportunity will be less desirable e.g. being a toilet cleaner as suggested, than that she has just given up by her indiscipline.
Judith is with effect from last Sunday back under school detention wearing a school uniform, spending every day confined in her room and making additional items of school uniform. As part of her uniforming she is wearing the woollen undergarment she has described previously at all times. This of course requires her to ask permission before going to the toilet (which is limited to once per day), have to strip to this underwear to do so and have to wait whilst one of us undoes the buttons down her back. The same regime also applies when she receives corporal punishment. The remainder of her uniform consist of grey woollen knitted knee socks, grey round necked school cardigan with green trim in addition to a matching waistcoat, bottle green worsted pinafore with elbow length sleeves which buttons from yoke to hem at the front and from the waist to hem at the back to enable easy application of corporal punishment, grey shirt and school tie. She wears grey woollen thumbless mitts and a grey woolen nightgown at night. She will be receiving every week a caning to her behind, the belt to her hands and a spanking to her behind and wherever possible these will be performed in front of visitors. To assist this, even though Judith has now ceased work, I have invited her supervisor to visit us when she is free. Meals consist of porridge for breakfast and boiled vegetables and bread for lunch. As befits her naughty behaviour Judith goes to bed without any supper. She will have her hair maintained in it’s new short style by regular re-cutting. She is receiving more frequent and rigorous uniform inspections reflecting the many failures to comply with her uniform requirements and the enforcement of the policy of only being allowed to speak when she is spoken to is being made without exception. We have also re-instigated regular periods of corner-time so that Judith can consider her position and what she needs to do to improve it. During these to ensure she understands her position she has a pacifier in her mouth.
These conditions will last until Judith has demonstrated she can behave appropriately and consistently after which they will be reviewed. I have also warned her that any further misbehavior will result in loss of her access to the toilet for a period which I am hoping will be a deterrent to future indiscipline in addition to further sanctions.
As always I am pleased to hear of suggestions which might actually finally bring Judith to her senses so that we can move forward. I was wondering what the “straffen forsta” program from Scandanavia mentioned actually was?
Judith’s Aunt

Orage said...

Anonymous and his Judith's aunt is getting on my nerves but let's be tolerant: I just won't read his ramblings from now on!

Toyntanen said...

Orage, old chap - while it distresses me that the 'Judith's Aunt' thing irritates you to such a great extent and while, too, I have to say that I don't 'get' the whole 'course wool' thing, I also have to point out that there are many areas touched upon in the Institutionalised story arc that I don't 'get'. For example; I don't really 'get' the nappy / diaper thing; but that wont stay my hand when it comes to putting one of my principle characters in nappies when the the time comes in the new, upcoming volume. What fascinates me there is the psychological impact on the girls self esteem. If one was to take the anonymous writer's latest contribution, the question becomes: Is there anything of imaginative value that can be extracted from the piece? I would argue yes - for example the imaginative buttoning arrangement utilized on the girl's uniform pinafore and the latter's incorporation of short sleeves rather than the more conventional shoulder-straps. But now I am staring to sound like a 'TV'' by way of my attention to dress detail. But that is not my personal 'beef' either (something quickly confirmed by a brief perusal of my hairy legs - bad news in fishnets!).

It's the old story, I'm affraid: 'One man's meat is another man's poison'.

Hunter said...

Yes... one man's ceiling is another man's floor, that sort of thing. The coasre wool thing, I do get. PN Dedeaux and Martin Pyx both had their female offenders sleeping in terribly itchy woolen horse blankets and in one case, terribly itchy horsehair blankets. It's just another way to exert constant, unrelenting and pitiless control and discipline.

summertime75 said...

Eddy, I like the idea of the short cropped hair but my preference would be for a full covering with close fitting cap, like a swimming cap or one similar to a nuns ensuring that the hair or what remains after the cropping remains hidden. The dress should be to the mid calf, zip at the back, a small Peter Pan collar and narrow cuffs, these should be the same material as the dress. The general design should be plain, like the Amish style of dress. The dress and cap should be either grey and white stripe or pale blue and white stripe. Naturally she should wear a matching apron. Knee length bloomers would be required with grey knee length socks and black plimsolls. As for wearing a rain coat to and from work, totally unacceptable, the full uniform should be worn at all times. When at work I think that a metal girdle would need to be worn round the waist attaching her to the cleaning cart with a thirty foot (sorry I haven’t arrived at the metric age yet) length of chain to ensure that she doesn’t try to wander off during the day. An added touch of humiliation could be a psychiatric institution emblem on the dress and cap with her number for all to see.

I am in the process of purchasing a similar design dress and cap from Cosplayfu who have made several different designs in the past. This blog has given me food for thought for a previous dress and playtime LOL

Toyntanen said...

'Hunter' makes an interesting point, there; itchy horsehair blankets? What a delightful “way to exert constant, unrelenting and pitiless control and discipline”indeed! PN Dedeaux and Martin Pyx are not authors who's work I am familiar with (at least, not in so far as I am aware) but from what you tell me they sound well worth the effort to seek out. 'Summertime75' has come up with some interesting 'shame clothing' possibilities. The point about the Amish is something I have explored to some extent, seeking inspiration, in the past and may yet prove inspirational – we will have to wait and see as I am deeply buried in the world of secure, closed institutions in terms of my story arc at the moment. The incorporation of a psychiatric institution's crest, motto and patient number on a girl's uniform is of course crucial given that particular context, but may be extendable as a concept elsewhere. It is great to have received so much inspiring feedback, incidentally; both in the form of comments and as email. This particular posting seems to have stimulated a lot of folk's imagination – which is what it is all about, of course.

Eddy said...

Well summertime75 we will have to disagree about this, I want my 'girl' to have her long golden locks shorn. I also do think your gals dress of mid calf is far too long, what I had in mind was upper thigh length, just short enough so her shaved pussy is visable, and of course when she sits her bare and badly swollen bum cheeks come into contact with a hard wooden seat.

summertime75 said...

Eddy, you are a harsh man, but I like your thinking although I am looking forward to having my style of costume made for my other half.