Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday Addendum: A couple of Blogs and a Forum to Check Out

As an addendum to the last posting: I have added two new blogs to the sidebar blog list Erosblog - which has all sorts of stuff for you to explore – and Lesbiantoons –lesbian-orientated cartoons that you might like to explore. I've also added to the ‘Useful Resources List’ (again, see the right hands sidebar) a link to a forum discussing spanking and other relative issues and called VoyForums. As always you can click on any of the site names, above, to visit or, of course, look under the relevant category in the sidebar. The intriguing little picture to the top left I found in my e-mail pile this morning; it having been sent anonymously I have no idea of its origin but it does conjure, in my mind at least, something of the imagery I seek to evoke in INSTITUTIONALISED volumes 1 and 2. It is entitled ‘Detained’. I so love that term - Detained -it evokes blameless incarceration of every kind and well outside the limitations of the conventional judicial system. Also it is surprising what a quick rummage around Flickr can produce. With one eye to the upcoming new volume - and one chapter in particular - one cannot help but wonder what confections and possibilities might lurk in a disused old storeroom at the rear of this delightfully traditional premises. One can well imagine our young lady’s chagrin and disdainful expression as she is led past the traditional yet modern mannequins and displays and is ushered in by the elderly proprietor to a veritable wonderland of pastime idiosyncratic institutional styling, anachronistic bespoke design and flouncy - yet oddly strict and restrictive - juvenile outfits of uncertain purpose.

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