Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Little Bit of Praise Goes a Long Way

Hi peoples!

I am working away from home today, but not too far away – just another area in North London. The good news, though, is that it is raining. Doesn't sound too inspiring I suppose but then again I am not in need of inspiration at present. I have built up quite a backlog of hand-written rough drafts that need typing up and, what with the weather, I have little urge to visit the pub and little to do to distract me from the task at hand. On top of all that; I received, yesterday, some wonderful encouragement in the form of a comment kindly posted me by a reader via Lulu. Had I been flagging, I'm sure the following would have got me up and running again – it certainly made my day. I was (and am) truly chuffed.

“So much enjoyed INSTITUTIONALISED 1 and [INSTITUTIONALISED ] 2 which I [recently] purchased. Brilliant BDSM writing.! And I have probably read the best of them. I hope there is an Institutionalized 3 in the pipeline.”

Obviously, I replied in a suitable tones of gratitude, explaining that – as those of you who are regular readers will already know – while there will eventually be an Institutionalized volume 3, at the moment i am working on a sort of combined prequel / overlap volume (title still to be finalized). Talking of which; I am still working along the cupcake / baggy pajamas / doctor's office interrogation thing I have spoken about before. I wish I could tell you more but it is one of the more imaginative (I think, anyway) sections and the risk is that by being too explicit I could end up spoiling things for would-be readers by giving too much away. I think I can risk saying that from the outset the scene has a strong undercurrent of humiliation running through it. While some aspects of the heroine's shame might seem, at first sight, fairly blatant, much more is covert and works on very many, very subtle, levels explored from a psychological standpoint. In the part I am working on today, there is a visit to a derelict open air exercise yard where our heroine learns to her horror how something once merely vaguely troublesome has become a twisted dread more confining than the bars on the windows and the medical restraints on her wrists.

PS: I hope you like the pics – just a few thumbnails from my sole affiliate account: see banner at page bottom.


Anonymous said...

It's blatant you're itching to tell us more but don't!
Keep writing and let us water at the mouth meanwhile.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
As part of my penance I provide you with an update on how I have received application of the suggested punishments over the last two Sundays.
On the Sunday before last after lunch I was made to kneel in front of the hall mirror and hold a shallow bowl on the top of my head. The bowl was shallow enough that I was able to see clearly still. My hair was then cut at rim level using scissors and then further shaved by my Aunt in front of her new work colleague from Spain and my Uncle. Following this my fringe was trimmed right back to my hairline on the forehead. The hairstyle if I was to be dressed more normally would have been radical perhaps but OK but together with my infant’s school uniform on Sunday merely underlined my degrading status. My experience during the last ten days at work has only underlined that this has enhanced my humiliating childish status.
In addition to being spanked first with a clothes brush and then by hand in front of our guest following standing in the corner I was further chastised and then punished for having mistakenly used the term “marionette” for the item which her colleague had supplied to her and which she had used across my calves. My punishment, deservedly, was to be whipped using a larger martinet across my bare thighs and buttocks, in front of her. This was an exceedingly painful punishment.
Last Sunday I was spanked in front of my work supervisor and after corner time under her supervision to my ultimate shame was then made to dress in my new woollen punishment undergarment in front of her. It is as uncomfortable as you can imagine and the feeling of being locked into it by the buttons down my back by my Aunt is now a daily penance after using the toilet. I have now begun knitting a second garment. My Aunt imposed as part of my further punishment, again if front of my supervisor, that I will be allowed to change my garment once per week and that I will wear this for a minimum of the next four months so that I experience the full discomfort of wearing this in summer time. I am therefore not only suffering the discomfort of wearing the rough wool next to my skin with the thick elasticated cuffs but the humiliation of having had others at work being told of my additional humiliation.
My normal levels of discipline will be reviewed when my four weeks of punishment for my uniform failure are complete. My Aunt has told me that I can expect additional sanctions to those I was already experiencing particularly with respect to my dress, as I failed to meet the relevant standards. As ever she is, as you have seen, willing to accept any ideas which might improve my behaviour.

Anonymous said...

I see that you are continuing to try and correct your niece’s behavior by imposition of school type discipline. I am sure this is very humiliating for her but does not appear to be producing the required results. I would suggest to you again that you impose a more physically uncomfortable and constraining regime like that which was widely used here on US County Farms. Dress her in a simple dress of plain uncomfortable material such as sacking or the worsted you seem to use and nothing else except a pair of plimsols. Find her a job in the local community which requires her to do hard physical labor at least in part in public. I am sure that the town council could utilize someone to clear rubbish, sweep the roads, clean the public latrines at minimal cost. When she is not working either have her doing your housework or physical drills. She should work from 5 am to 9 pm minimum. She should be confined at night sleeping on the floor in her dress. She should utilize a bucket and have no toilet access. Whether she can use the bucket in her cell or in front of you, you can decide. She should eat gruel for breakfast, no lunch and a mixture of mashed vegetables/potato and bread for supper. This regime should apply seven days per week. In addition I would suggest you employ corporal punishment as in the old “straffen första” program in Scandinavia i.e. corporal punishment is regularly applied for exemplary work with further applications for any failures. I would suggest eight to ten strokes of the cane to the behind twice per week as the basic application. Clearly any failures during work can be disciplined immediately “in-situ” as well as more formally later. This regime should require less administration on your part and deliver a severe punishment as well as allowing your niece to be used as an example to others.
After this for a few months I am sure that the petty indiscretions will no longer occur and your charge will be more appreciative of whatever limited privileges you grant her including if you so wish wearing uniform. Then perhaps you will be able to place your niece in a menial job of some description, where her freedoms can be limited and her dress be maintained as you see fit.