Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Correction

My apologies go out to all those who tried to view the Mr Tawse collection by clicking on the picture link I provided in my last posting and my thanks to ‘’Madmonkey’ for pointing out that the link didn’t work. I am usually very conscientious in testing out the links I provide – but this time I slipped up…twofold. Firstly: The picture link didn’t work because apparently the address line was to long for blogger to embed in the image (or tag the image, or whatever). Secondly: I had neglected to place the link in the right-hand sidebar ‘Useful Resources’ list that I talked about in my last posting – this I have now done. I have also reworded my last offering so as to avoid confusion to any newcomers and I have removed the embedded link from the Janus governess picture so that you can view a larger version by clicking on it. I have to rush off now – my driving lesson beckons.

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summertime75 said...

A couple more examples of "A spanking good time"