Tuesday, 5 January 2010

An Update and a New Link Added to Spanking Universe

I have had to delay working on fixing my main computer until Thursday for various reasons and so I don't expect to be fully up and running until the following Monday, depending on whether it turns out that I have to purchase a new power supply or not. Meanwhile I have just updated the blog list in the sidebar to include a new link to Richard Windsor's Spanking Universe, the hub of all things spanking - as was always part of the intention behind this blog - and now a full-blow website. I am also carrying on working on the new volume using my 'netbook' machine but in the absence of my usual voice recognition software, progress is a little slow. I Hope to get a proper posting made tomorrow, continuing on from my last and including the stuff I couldn't get typed in last time due to various time constraints but that is already written out longhand in my note pad.


Anonymous said...

Interesting picture - will pregnancy be playing a part in any of the upcoming volumes?

Toyntanen said...

I hadn't planned anything along those lines. although I know that it is some people's 'bag' it isn't really mine. But then again, there is quite a lot depicted (or that I plan to depict) that goes on within the world of the INSTITUTIONALISED series which is not strictly speaking my thing.

I assume you are talking about a deliberate enforced pregnancy, with the subsequent removal from the girl of the baby - or even enforced abortion?

The closest scenario I can presently envisage occuring within the INSTITUTIONALISED story arc would be more likely one involving enforced sterilization. This was common enough within certain institutions at one stage for a variety of reasons and so is quite plausible - even if not within the 'voluntary clinical / psychological / behavioral research subject type scenario I initially invoke.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - I actually wasn't hinting towards any specific variation of the pregnancy theme, I was just wondering about it seeing as it was never mentioned here before and I noticed that there were some pregnant girls in the picture. Like you say for yourself, not really my 'bag' although I could find the enforced pregnancy and subsequent removal of the infant for adoption by a wealthy couple or something like that as being interesting. Don't think I would like enforced abortion, on the other hand - and this is coming from a staunchly pro-choice individual.