Wednesday, 30 December 2009

'That' Thorn Sketch – A Case for Analysis, a Thousand Tales Woven Within

This must be about the only blog that has not wished its readership a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, as is traditional this time of the year! My apologies; I had intended to do so from the hotel in which I spent the Christmas holidays (of which, more next time), down there in Rye – a medieval town situated in east Sussex – but was unable to get convenient access to the Internet, and in any case came under not unsubstantial pressure from the 'little lady' to pay more attention to her needs and pay less to my 'ridiculous hobbies'...Well, I never! So, retrospectively, may I wish you all, where ever you might be and whatever your faith, a very happy Christmas and Good luck for the New Year. Talking of which; due to the upcoming New Year celebrations and various family commitments, my next update will probably not be until January 4th 2010, after which I expect there to be a couple of days when I shall be silent, during which I shall be undertaking repairs to my main desk computer, before embarking on a whole series of projects that I have planed for the upcoming year and which include more frequent and regular updates to the blog and its eventual expansion into a full-blown web site.

Now to a bit of news and a little inspiration that came to me in the pub having earlier been perusing an old back-up DVD of my scans and web download collection on a friends computer. The artworks presented above left and right – both scanned some time ago from an old magazine, I forget which - could so easily fit with certain aspects of the story arc depicted in the upcoming 'in-between' volume or indeed the planed story line of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 3. Both perfectly encapsulate that essential spirit I am striving for, but not necessarily overtly spotlighted; just as the real 'meat' of a tale is often best written 'between the lines' so the inspiration here lies in all the little details that at first go unnoticed, yet between them voice the narrative without further need for elaboration.

Taking into account what I have just said above, it is the illustration presented here - below and to the right - that caught my attention and that I would urge you to focus your attention on. Drawn by one of my favorite artists, Thorn, it is also one of my favorite images (or rather it has been – I somehow lost track of it in recent years; I think I downloaded it some ten years ago!) and one of the most inspirational illustrations, in terms of developing the ideas behind my writing, that I have ever come across.

As I said above in connection with the other two images;
The real interest is not so much the rather attractive young lady, her pert breasts, nor the cane-lines running across that ripe, full backside of hers. Rather the tale resides in what has been left unsaid, hinted at by all those little details residing in the background. If it has a title, I don't know it, nor do I know exactly what the artist's intentions are in terms of what he is striving to depict here, the scenario he has in mind – nor would I want to know (so if you definitively know, don't tell me – though I'd love to know your interpretation). The full interpretation is left open to the mind of the viewer – and therein lies the excitement and its enduring interest for me.

All I know about this guy is that he is an absolute master of depicting the infliction of cruel and imaginative humiliation. In particular he is a virtuoso of capturing the emotional effect of that humiliation in the unhappy faces of his succulent young subjects. What I would give to have him collaborate on one of my books! Each of his illustrations is a story in itself and if a picture might paint a thousand words – as someone once said – than surely this particular illustration outweighs that estimation tenfold; he has surpassed himself here! This image I think I downloaded around ten years ago or more and it has never been far from the roots of my imagination since. Why? Well, the magic so far as I am concerned is all in the unanswered questions it poses – there is just so much here to ponder that is left open to interpretation.

For a start; there is nothing about the background that necessarily sets the scene in any restrictive manner – it is not a schoolroom, reformatory, convent or any other obviously institutional setting, nor would it seem to be a domestic environment. The scene seems set in some sort of shop - yet even this is not necessarily set in stone. The male could be a shop assistant or - if an exclusive bespoke establishment, as one might imagine – perhaps the owner. But what type of emporium might this be? In the background one can see a pair of half-torso manikins – one proudly displaying what would appear to be a revealing corset of fetishistic restrictiveness and the other demonstrating what looks to be a locking chastity belt.

The girl - surely too young and sheltered in upbringing to be so worldly-wise as to yet know of such things – is being laced into a cruelly-constricting waist-cincher and one is left wondering whether which, if any, of those background items is to follow. And she is plump enough to give creative scope to the corsetier's art; which is an important point here. She has obviously recently felt the kiss of a supple cane across her plump buttocks; indeed, a suspect implement lies discarded in the foreground, along with what one assumes to be her discarded and, notably very ordinary, 'girl next door' underwear. Did she initially object to being fitted with that cincher, or perhaps to disrobing in front of the elderly chap - and if so, was he the author of those throbbing swollen wheals (I for one would like to think so). If I was to be critical at this point, it would be to say that I would have liked to have seen some evidence of previous sessions with the cane; perhaps some faint, fading marks or even something suggestive of permanent marking – something that the girl is only too well aware she will carry through life - that might go beyond her undoubtedly chaste natural shyness in explaining her extreme reluctance to disrobe.

Another question arises as to exactly what the girl's relationship is to the seated older woman smugly looking on. Once again uncertainty abounds and the imagination is left to run wild. Is she the girl's legal guardian, stepmother, privately employed schoolteacher under who's thrall the girl has somehow fallen or a governess charged with curbing a perceived over-exuberant and rebellious spirit and given cart blanch.

And what are we to make of the proprietorial manner in which that woman is apparently regarding her charge's intimate triangle? Is she considering the purchase of a chastity belt – is that what is coming next? Perhaps similar to that on show, yet the spring-steel waist-band locking in the center of the small of the back and to be worn over the top of that waist cinches thus negating tampering on more than one level at once. Then those breast, though youthfully-pert already, might yet benefit from even greater uplift – perhaps some sort of under-wired support lifting the girl's bust clear of her chest and thrusting those attributes generously forward as if offered up for display yet leaving the front uncovered, 'for hygienic reasons'. Is that woman considering one of the very many restrictive corsets or corseletes on offer for the girl to wear over the cincher? if so, might it not incorporate, for the sake of good deportment you understand, a suitably stiffened back-board to keep her back good and straight. Perhaps such a garment might incorporate an adjustable strap running across the shoulder blades and linking the broad shoulder-straps that might be tensioned to further perfect the girl's deportment. Of course the side effects of this - forcing a posture be adopted with shoulders pulled well back, chest thrust forward and buttocks invitingly rounded and thrust out to the rear – are unlikely to exactly detract from her charges attractiveness. Deportment might be paramount and thus exemplified by these measures, yet to the unenlightened , uninitiated, observer the conclusion is hard to avoid that the effect is to present a wanton offering up of everything that goes to represent the girl's femininity in a manner that it is only right that she should find most shameful.

But what else might that woman have in mind for her charge – for example, what of that pile of the girl's discarded clothing that lies crumpled in the foreground, surely she is not going to be allowed to redress and leave with such disheveled vestments over her new and undoubtedly expensive foundation wear?...

More ideas next time, but in the meantime – what do you think?


SoundPunishment said...

It is a shame that the copyright thief Thorn is now more well known for his theft and altering of images than the original artist.

I was fortunate in the late 80's to actually meet and produce some preliminary web site designs for the real artist of that image which you, through no fault of your own, incorrectly attribute to Thorn. The real artist was known as Hobbs and he produced the drawings for Blushes magazine, amongst others.

For personal reasons Hobbs decided not to proceed with a web site. For my efforts I was presented with two original pen and pencil spanking drawings by Hobbs and can therefore categorically state that Thorn is the not the originator of that drawing but just a copyright thief that used Photoshop to remove the original Hobbs signatures and replaced them with his own.

The way to prevent Thorn from profiting from this blatant copyright theft is to spread the word "Thorn is a thief" so that whenever someone Google's Thorn they find the truth.

Toyntanen said...

Thanks for the information 'SoundPunishment'. I have come across that allegation before on Wikipedia while trying to learn more about the artist but tend to distrust Wiki entries, I always try to acknowledge where evre possible the originator of anything I put up on my blog and my writing is my writing and not anyone else's. If I was to quote or pinch a bit of text from somewhere I would say so, To simply take control of someone else's work in the manner you say this chap has is quite, quite despicable - in fact words fail me! This is especially so when you consider that this 'Thorn' chap is presumably making money from the alleged theft; several 'Thorn' illustrations grace the pages of online fantasy comics (see for example). But this must of all happened a hell of a long time ago; 'Thorn' illustrations must have been around on the 'Net' for getting on for ten years, or perhaps longer even than that.

Not that I am doubting you, especially as you say that you own some original artwork, but two things bothered me when I came across the Wiki article:

Why has this Hobbs chap not done anything about the alleged theft of his work legally?

Secondly: I am not sure that I recognize the style from the pages of Blushes and I certainly have never seen any of the illustrations populating the Picasaweb album I have created for this blog (see the link in the right hand sidebar) in blushes or any other printed paper magazine (for want of a better term). I just wondered if you could kindly direct me to a specific publication and edition to give an example - I have quite a collection. Also I wonder if you still have contact with the artist in question as his style and obvious imagination would make for a marvelous collaborative project.

summertime75 said...

Seasons greetings and best wishes for the New Year. Also thank you for the regular updates and comments over the past year, hopefully 2010 will be even better, if that is possible.

Madmonkey said...

Wow, that's messed up. It takes a lot of nerve to so blatantly steal from another artist when it can be so easily proven.

Sound Punishment said...

Hobbs dropped out of the spanking scene completely in 2000. I have just checked my records and I created the test site for his work on 2nd March 2000. The test site with many illustrations of Hobb's work is still on my server though not linked for public display.

When he cancelled the web site work and sent me the two originals in thanks, I never heard from him again. The only explanation I was given was 'personal reasons' and I have respected that.

It may be the reason for not proceeding was ill-health, though that is pure guesswork. Hobbs was in his 50's then. I liked the man immensely, he had a real gift for capturing the eroticism of spanking whilst maintaining the innocence of the victim.

I have many original spanking magazines, including Blushes, and his work was mainly published in the ones from the late 70's and early 80's. This included some in colour in the inside covers which, he said, had been coloured by the magazine's editor as he had always produced them in monochrome.

It just annoys me that 'Thorn' can come along and steal Hobb's work. I can only imagine that it is because Hobbs is unable, or unwilling, to defend his copyright for personal reasons.

Anonymous said...

"I would have liked to have seen some evidence of previous sessions with the cane"
According to me, the girl has recently been entrusted to that governess who now embarks on the education she thinks fit for a teenaged girl, starting with her underwear.
And that's why I think there are no cane marks as it's her FIRST experience of a caning, which explains her wild-eyed look.
Moreover you'll have noticed she's only got four stripes on her buttocks, not the usual six, with an implicit promise for more if she doesn't behave and accepts her new status.

Richard Windsor said...


Following the roaring success of the spanking universe, and after blogger deleted the original, I am happy to announce that the Spanking Universe is back. I purchased a website last week and you can see the new page here:

Your site was added on its inception and I would like to request that you update your old link to the Universe to the new link, which is:

The exact link above will direct everyone to the updates page. Let the HITS begin, we are back, bigger than ever!!

Nearly 50% of sites have already linked back and as I did before, should sites choose not to link back in I will create a separate list for them. It is only fair to sites that link back in to separate them from sites that don't. Next weekend I will be separating the list and those sites that don't link back will be on the sidebar as a regular text link.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in updating your links. You won't be troubled any more by me trying to promote the site for the benefit of the community.

Richard Windsor.

~otto~ said...

Happy New Decade

My word verification was "spodo"

Rajah said...

What I like in the world of Thorn is delicatness to preserve the little detail in these scenes of spanking. Not espacially the details of the caracters, but more the details of all arounfd them. That makes the real meaning of the scenes.

Toyntanen said...

I loved the explanation offered up by 'Orrage'! Gets the old imagination's cog-wheels turning!

But one thing worries me about something that Richard Windsor wrote: Why did Blogger delete your blog? I have invested quite a bit of time and effort into mine - How can I ensure that it doesn't happen to mine?

Does anyone know how I can back up my entire blog archive to date as a backup just in case they ever do delete mine?,

If they did I might well want to recreate the whole thing as a full-blown website (something I am considering in any case) and so would want to minimize having to recreate the whole thing from scratch. Any ideas?

Cloudlover said...

Regarding not getting your blog deleted. I've noticed that most blogs with adult content have a "Content Warning" page that gives you a choice whether to proceed to the site or not. It may be a good idea to add one to your blog. This is set up through Blogger on the Settings page.