Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sculpted into Sweet Sumbission? The Supplicant

Hi folks; I Have spent most of today working away on the new volume, the one that fits in between volume 2 in volume 3 (assuming volume 3 is ever written of course). With the nights drawing in and bringing with them the first cold dank hints of the winter to come, my computer has returned to its old habit of starting up only reluctantly first thing in the morning and to grinding along like an old tractor - it appears not to like the cold because throughout the rest of the year, and the recent bout of late summer we have had here, it has been running absolutely fine. Now I have to rush out to pick up the kids from school - and then it is on to the gym.

I spent big chunk of yesterday doing a little desk research and preparing pictures for a PowerPoint presentation on fashion trends but nevertheless did manage to put a little time aside to have a rummage round the Internet seeking inspiration. Consequently I have several interesting links to add to the blog sidebar and hopefully later this evening, or early tomorrow, I will do so and accordingly put together a more interesting update. Meanwhile, I thought I might share with you this little snap I took while on holiday recently showing that the scope for inspiration even on the Isle of Wight. Pictured close to a model village in a place called Godshill, a picturesque village full of thatch roofs and the like, this stone statue is identical to a bronze statuette I once saw in an antique-dealer’s window and very nearly purchased (and sometimes wish I had) - naming it in my mind ‘The supplicant’. A near-perfect example of sweet feminine submission, anyone out there know of its true title or subject matter?


Anonymous said...

Your computer appears not to like the cold...Don't you have any heating at home?

Toyntanen said...

Yeah, but it takes a while to warm up first thing in the morning. Not that it is that cold here at the moment - not in the wider scheme of things. In fact compared to a lot of the northern hemisphere, it never gets that cold in the British Isles - and London is often 3 degrees or so warmer than the bulk of the country in mid-winter. But nevertheless my computer first started playing up around this time last year. It seems to be one of the power supply cooling-fans that causes the problem, so I had intended to change it - or the power supply if necessary - but as spring arrived so the problem subsided and it has been fine ever since...until now that is...go figure. I guess I'm going to have to get off my arse and fix it - but then again, I'm thinking of building a new machine in any case.