Friday, 13 November 2009

A Good Few Links to Visit This Weekend

As promised last time: here are a few links for you all to try out while I get on with writing and stuff – some part of the results of which I may share with you next week.

To start: There are a number of stories that might appeal to you to a greater or lesser extent at Forever Changing (click to check them out). Then there is The Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction. A particularly interesting story that I have been guided to by an anonymous contributor is The Delinquent (click to read) This work, the author admits, is rather long on psychology if a bit short on discipline for some tastes – but I think if you like long psychodramas about strict discipline in Victorian reformatories then this is for you. In particular the dialogue is very nicely written. Actually, I often wish I was better at writing dialogue, but I am rapidly improving – which is a good thing because the new volume is going to be relying on dialogue to tell the tale to a far greater degree than my two previous volumes.

The English Governess’ seems a site worth visiting – in fact I am think of emailing them to ask if they have run an affiliate scheme or similar (click to visit). I don’t usually provide links to commercial sites but this is different. Usually (traditionally, one might say) sites dealing with the strict governess figure tend to revolve around female domination of the male. Now don’t get me wrong, that is fine if it floats your boat – but it doesn’t mine! What makes this site different though is that there seems quite a lot of F/F material and there are some great governess / nanny uniforms depicted – which is how I came across it. I found it while conducting an image search while looking for interesting takes on the governess theme to inform the governess uniform descriptions that I plan will go in volume 3 (when I get it started).

Then there is ‘The SandMUtopian Guardian’ and a piece on canes and caning for you to check out (just click) And a blog to look at in the form of 'UK', though its content is a little sparse at present.

Showing real promise is ‘Perfect Prefect’, (again, just click) a forum site – and free to join - for those of you that like to discuss stuff, but one that also houses a fair deal of pictorial content. Indeed, they are attempting to build up an authentic (adults in, obviously) school uniform archive and have put out a request for folk to upload and share their image / photo’s / magazine scans collections. So here is a chance for those that are interested in such things to add to the body of online source material.

Finally how about maids and their uniforms as rendered in second life? To be honest I hadn’t really considered the possibilities inherent in of Second Life, but there seems a lot to explore and a hell of a lot of scope. My imagination has been fired up! Anyway, this is a link to a blog for folk to discuss and share their designs. Click here to visit. This blog and the UK Spanking blog (see above) are the only two of the above links that I have got around to including in the sidebar – the others will have to wait their turn until after the weekend. Please don't hesitate to let me know if any of these links do not work. The same goes for any elsewhere, such as those in the sidebar etc, that you might find to malfunction.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great links!

Please note that THE DELINQUENT also has 2 more parts:

AND the finale:

You can also find more stories of this sort, such as as story about a young graduate student who goes undercover at a reformatory for research, at the spanking library site:

You do have to register at these sites but the sites are free, free, free!

Toyntanen said...

Thanks for that, Mr anon, I had intended to include that Spanking Library link but slipped up! I'm out and about today and using my little portable computer, but when I am back at my desk - probably Monday - I'll add all those links to the blog sidebar lists, including the Spanking Library - a brilliant resource!