Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Little Moving Picture Entertainment from Regulation Knickers.com and a School Summer Dress Reminiscence / Ramble

As my stated aim has always to keep this blog / site as primarily non-commercial (other than shamelessly promoting my own writing of course) I am currently only hosting one affiliated commercial site - although I may consider featuring one other at some future point should I come across something of genuine interest and value to my readership. Nevertheless today I was perusing the Regulation Knickers.com site (just click to visit or see the featured banner in the sidebar to the right or the other, larger one, at the foot of the page) in search of inspiration and found it in the form of a bottle green gymslip. Now admittedly you will have seen it before on this blog, albeit worn by another girl but I thought it a great excuse to feature a short movie offering for a change (only the second time I have featured moving content). It is a shame it is not worn by the girl being spanked but - while risking sounding a little too much like an advert for Regulation Knickers - it is a brilliant example of the combination of authenticity and imaginativeness that I find so stimulating about their stuff.
One thing about their photos and films that never fails to catch my imagination is their incorporation of uniforms not only for the girls but often for the dominant character as well. The latter often well illustrates how the use of the different features that go to make up a uniform can be used to underline an authoritative / assertive role and 'air' - thus bolstering the self confidence and self esteem of the wearer - just as unusual detailing and juvenile features incorporated into the uniform of the girl serve to humiliate, belittle and undermine her confidence, thus underlining the required obedience and docility required of her. That juxtaposition serves to increase the psychological aspect of the domination of a girl's will in a synergistic manner - if she found it difficult to stand up for herself before, dressed in her humiliatingly childish school uniform, how much more difficult will it be for her to stand up to a dominant, stern governess dressed in the authoritative uniform of a hospital matron or ward sister of old or perhaps to a woman garbed almost as if to be a prison officer? Actually Regulation Knickers seem to be linked to the folks behind the old Disciplinarian site and who used to publish the magazines, Strictly Uniforms and Uniform International and they once featured (around 10 years ago now, I think) the most deliciously humiliating school summer dress ever to grace a well developed late-teen girl - green candy stripe, puffed shoulders, button through with short flared skirt, nicely fitted bodice with high-buttoning 'Peter Pan' collar and a plastic, buckled belt emphasising the waist, you get the picture? I have featured a couple of the pics from the series in a much earlier post (click HERE, or why not check through the blog archive and see what ells you may have missed?) In my eyes it just required a school badge with a suitably humiliating 'mission statement' as a motto embroidered on the breast pocket to be perfect (perhaps a long sleeved version with stiff buttoned cuffs and a button fastening belt of the same fabric as the dress might have something a little more going for it, but not much - hands up who thinks I'm just being 'picky' !) Incidentally; if I was to feature another commercial site, I'd love to feature Lupus Pictures / Rigid East - I love their stuff - but for now this is as commercial as I'm getting. Bye for now, I'm off to see Harry Potter at the IMAX, Waterloo tonight with the 'little woman' and I have to get to the gym and then get ready (grooming takes a little longer at my age).

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Madmonkey said...

Why does it seem like the girls in all these uniform specialist sites don't wear a uniform...uniform? They have multiple girls in the same scenes that are all supposed to go to the same school, yet they wear radically different uniforms.