Saturday, 20 June 2009

An Anonymous Reader's Contribution and a Couple of Blogs to Try Out

An anonymous contributor has left a new comment on your post "A Reader's Contribution and a Note for Judith's Aunt:
"Combinations might make an interesting choice of undergarment, but it's worth bearing in mind that these were normally made with an open crotch like Victorian drawers, which produces a somewhat different effect. Of course you could have closed combinations made with the lining material of choice, or add some sort of button fastening down below. I think the 1920 style combinations which had buttons down the back meeting a drop-seat in an inverted T shape would be better since the drop seat would provide easy access for discipline and the back buttons would be equally inconvenient. "

Yes, I think that for my preference I'd have to go along with the 'drop seat' approach especially if in combination with a suitably bulky absorbent towel or even a diaper - should the young lady warrant it. I feel I really must apologise for having left a week between postings but I have been away, cycling around the East Sussex country side. From Monday (or Tuesday, depending on whether or not I do the London to Brighton cycle ride) I plan to return updating on a more regular basis, perhaps every other day as I used to. My trusty note book goes everywhere that I do and I have been working on putting together some ideas regarding the structuring of the 'inbetweeny' volume that I have been talking about recently and also as regards the revamped cover for volume 2 that I wish to get completed before publishing that volume fully, ie through Amazon et al. Meanwhile a couple of blog links have been sent to me that you might like to explore: the first is Britsh Spanking . net (just click to visit), the link wasn't working when I tried it just now and so I am presently holding back from including it in my sidebar blog list (I am sure this is a temporary glitch, though, so keep trying and let me know).

Also someone signing himself 'Spanking OTK' has left a new comment on the post "A Liberal Dose of the Nurse’s Tawse": "you have a nice blog. I wonder if you like exchange links between our blogs. Let me know! best regards ". I'd love to - but I have no idea of the blog address! Any ideas out there? Talking of nurses and tawses (which strictly speaking we weren't) someone recently sent me the photo of the wonderfully traditionally stern and uniformed matron adorning the top of this post - what do you think? The two school uniform pics are more from the set of scans I spoke of last time and originated from one of the Blushes, Whispers, New Supplement magazine stable (not sure which) and date (I think) from the mid 1990s.
Bye, bye for now - Garth... somewhere in sunny East Sussex

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Click in his name title, in the comments box and it will take you to his blog. This guy leaves exactly the same comment on every blog that I read at intermittent intervals, I think this is some kind of automated comment thingy and not a real comment,
Which is why I have never listed his blog.