Monday, 18 May 2009

Induced Image Dysmorphism and Other Wonders

Sorry for sparsity of updates of late but 'yours truly' is buried deep in final proofreading at present. But I am still in connect by email with various folk who have contributed their ideas and what have you in the past and one of these kind people recently sent me a link to a story that I found so intriguing that I damn near lost a whole days proofreading due to the fact that I just couldn't 'put it down' so to speak. And of course I then went on to work my way through a lot of the other tales presented on the same site. Not all turned out to be my thing but I have to urge you to read the tale that got the ball rolling “Rest and Relaxation” (click to go to the story page and then look for the story title. the author is definitely ‘evil’ and is herself the inspiration for the dominant character: Dr Evelyn Benedict. There story touches on many of my favorites: Leg-braces (the use of which you will encounter in the upcoming INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2), humiliation, mind control, corsets, catheters, sensory deprivation, dependence, immobilization. The use of a drug similar to botox and in a way that has been discussed on this site in the past is featured at one point and I have to say that the writing is excellent, give or take the odd typo - even though I generally don't go for first person accounts, I loved this one. The site is called Evil and you can find a link to the main page in the sidebar 'useful resources' list over on the right some place. If you like psychological manipulation I can also recommend you read 'Workout Girl' on the same site, wherein a girl is deliberately addicted to exercising to a pathological extent and encouraged to develop what amounts to a body dysmorphism condition - whereby no matter how slim and toned she becomes she is convinced that she still looks fat and becomes more and more obsessed with exercise regimes and diet to the exclusion of all else (very, debilitating)... see y'all soon with a proper post.

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