Thursday, 28 May 2009

INSTITUTIONALISED Volume 2 Now on LULU (at last!)... I'm Knackered!

I've still got the 'sniffles' but I have managed to get INSTITUTIONALISED Volume 2 up on LULU (Click cover to link). In the end I had to take out a chunk which I couldn't really do justice to in the time I had available but that will still work as a flashback in volume 3 wherein I will have more space to include all of the unfinished sections of writing (some parts dating back over two years) that I would otherwise have had to leave out. As it was, volume 2 was getting unwieldy (over 300 pages at one point) and I have loads of fresh ideas that I would like to pursue and to do so requires a change of scene - as much as I like the whole institutional - reform school - asylum thing.


For the time being volume 2 will only be on LULU for download - there are bound to be some typos that have gotten through (I am dyslexic, don't forget) and the cover is up for a redesign (I no longer like the present effort and consider it a temporary stopgap). The thing is; it is difficult and expensive to make revisions after an ISBN has been assigned so for the time being I'm holding back from making it available through Amazon, Waterstones et al until such a time as I'm absolutely satisfied with it (volume 1 had 11 revisions in the end). In fact I found a typo just a few moments ago but it is only a misplaced hyphen so although I have corrected my copy I have not bothered to upload the correction to LULU - it's daybreak here in Londinium and I haven't been to bed yet. I have also yet to post up a proper book description on LULU (I've just recycled the one from volume 1 for the time being) and I haven't had time yet to create a proper preview (because I'm going to bed). It is actually really quite hard to find on LULU via a straight forward search at the moment - but then, I have only just this minute (quite literally) uploaded the thing and it probably takes LULU's search-engine a while to get going. Obviously it will not appear in a google search at all at present - a situation that will remain until I am totally happy and have registered the ISBN (but it is hugely cheaper to electronically download these things anyway rather than buy a physical copy through a bookshop, because of their enormous markup).


One other thing - I have used an illuminated letter at the start of each chapter (in the hope of creating something of a Gothic feel - just a little bit of fun and frivolity) but it pushes up the file size so if anyone has any difficulty downloading please let me know and I'll upload the plain version. I am also think of quite quickly (for me that is) putting out a shortish followup / adendum to fill in the gaps and tie up loose ends before working on volume 3 per se - that would allow me to change scene entirely to a more domestic setting without having to worry over flashback scenes (at least in terms of flashbacks to the institution). What do you think? I actually really feel quite nervous at the moment to be honest with you, despite the positive response I got from volume 1 - volume 2 is a different beast in some ways and I'm a little worried that it all got a bit too ambitious (so please be gentle with me - I don't feel well).


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