Thursday, 7 May 2009

Another Blog to Check - While I Get on With Volume 2 / 3

Hi peeps: If you always enjoyed the stories they used to have in those old classic Janus magazines of the past (as I did) and gloried in the artwork of Lynn Paula Russell (Paula Meadows, as was then) you could do far worse than visit Uncle Peter's Spanking Stories ( click, or see the sidebar blog list). By the way, the marvelous little Paula Russell drawing on the left I just couldn't resist - even though it didn't actually come from that particular site. it evokes a question that was broached in volume 1, is visited from an institutional perspective in volume 2 and will be dealt with in more detail in volume 3 - wherein a strict governess, steeped in Victorian mores to the point at which to her and her charges the modern world might as well not exist, brings to bear her own unique approach to the subject. That question is of course: within a strict disciplinary framework, should masturbation ever be allowed - and if not how should it be controlled or curtailed? Indeed, under certain circumstances, is there a case one could make for masturbation to be not only allowed but actively encouraged, perhaps seven enforced under strict supervision? Of course there are chastity belts and other such physically restrictive measures that could be applied (and were, historically). But with in a hospital / institution environment or even under the guidance of a suitably qualified and skilled governess, as I envisage, there is much scope to think about approaches to aversive tactics or the subtle use of association (perhaps through the provision of suitable books, magazines and images - the perusal of which might be enforced or left up to the young lady herself - or indeed, through psychologically therapeutic means such as guided imagery) to mould and sculpt her ideas and predilections. Well, what do you think? Any ideas out there?
See y'all later when I've got a bit more done - Wicked Uncle Garth.

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