Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Very Quick Update and a Couple of Links

Hi folks: A quick update and a couple of links to follow. First of all: Yeseterday and today I managed to get all the new stuff that I wrote in the pub on Friday into the computer. I had spent most of the day in Southgate, North London in a pub called The Well (The Southgate Weatherspoons had suffered a power cut - the shape of things to come in Brown-ed - out Briton?) and got around three quarters of the outstanding stuff finished. I have also today added in to the book a couple of previously written parts, done a small bit of proof reading and rearanging of chapters. The finished book-form volume 2 now comprises 205 pages and I now expect the finished article to be in the region of 250 pages - although I may pare it down a little. Estimeted publication date is mid-March at the latest, 2nd week at the earliest.
Now for a couple of Links: The first is an interesting little blog to explore: Zille Defeu's Fetish Fantasies, Click to visit or look in blog section of sidebar on right. A multi-fetish blog that makes for an interesting read (even if it does take an age to load). The second is a new and imaginative web site called 'Electronic Bondage & Chastity Belts' and dealing with...electronic bondage & chastity belts - damn, you guessed. It is still very early days for this site but some of the ideas such as the use of those lovly dog collars, the type that shock dogs when they bark, and perimeter detection with shocking devices to detain and restrict a subjects movements within a limited area or within a room or building seem highly plausable, taking into account today's technology and is something I have explored, albeit to a limited extent, in my work of late. Again click to visit. As I say, it is very early days, but perhaps one or two of you might have views or ideas to contribute and help build it further.

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Zille Defeu said...

Hello! Thanks for linking to me and I'm delighted you find my blog interesting!

I'll see what I can do to get the blog to load faster for you! :D