Tuesday, 24 February 2009

An Anonymous Contribution and A Couple More Links

Hi Folks; An anonymous contributor has left a new comment on the post "One Girl's Pyjama Discipline" (click to read original the post). As is my habit I have reproduced it here as comments don't seem to automatically display in full. As for my own taste; I prefer to think of the disciplinarian as being in loco parentis – the stern guardian with somewhat suspect, perhaps exploitative agenda, the strict governess with her rigid, outdated hypocritically Victorian views on the control of young ladies or perhaps the angrily-repressed and devout wrath of the fallen 'man of the cloth'. But others have different tastes – and this offering does possess something of the flavour of some of those early Janus letters, so I thought it only right to share it with you. Actually I get the feeling from the style that the contributor might be one of our visitors from the 'white socks' discussion board that I have told you about before and that I have suggested might like to continue there discussions here if that site becomes too unfriendly – actually I am considering opening a discussion board linked to this site, a yahoo group and perhaps, later, a full-blown website...but all that will have to wait for the completion of volume 2. I am going to have a couple of months off before starting volume3 and will tackle these projects then – vol 3 is at least one third complete so I can afford the time. Talking of volume 2: it is now standing at 212 pages with most of the rest written and waiting to be inserted after a bit of tidying up and with the addition of a bit of linking text to stitch it all together. as I've said before; I may have to pare it down a bit at the end if it ends up looking too 'wordy' but other than that, thats about it!

I have also added / updated a couple of links in the resource list in the sidebar on right.
(1) 'British Spanking' (A fantastic free resource for spanking pictures; F/f, uniforms, discipline and humilation.

(2) 'Bare Bottom Spanking' (A good gateway to British Spanking and other resources)

I have taken the liberty of running the following through the spell check, but otherwise it is as received...now read on:

I had a similar experience when I was found to have been smoking during my summer holidays when I was 17. My parents were furious and punished me in a very severe manner which thankfully I had not experienced previously or thereafter. As I had behaved in such a distrustful and stupid way they decided I would be spending the next two weeks of my holidays in detention dressed in school uniform. I was shocked at the thought of being dressed for 2 weeks in my school skirt, shirt and blazer and having to do school work all day but as I was taken to the guest bedroom where I was to serve my detention I could not imagine the severity of the consequences of my action. The room had a desk and hard wooden chair in the middle of it and here the full extent of my punishment was revealed. I had to dress not in my normal school uniform but in something more junior befitting my behavior and so that it was clear to everyone who saw me that I was being punished. Having removed my jewelery and make-up I had to dress in plain white knickers, grey knee socks, my black laced shoes, a blue shirt, maroon and blue striped tie, grey pleated pinafore dress and finally a V-neck grey cardigan. Finally my mother made me put my hair in a ponytail. This was how I was to dress for the next 2 weeks. I was fearful that I would not escape a spanking despite my age but I had underestimated the extent of my parents anger. I was to be spanked every week of my punishment and receive four strokes of the cane immediately. I argued and the punishment was increased to six stokes. It was the first and final caning I have ever received and was both painful and humiliating. The two weeks which turned into three because of my lack of discipline were a severe lesson. I was confined to my room writing endless lines not doing useful school study. I had to attend meals with the family, explain my predicament in front of visitors and was made on occasion to stand in a corner or facing the wall hands behind my back or on my head. On the three Sundays during my punishment I had to attend Church in my uniform for everyone to see - it was awful. The most humiliating moment was when my father decided that, as I was continuing to be non-compliant during my first week of punishment, my first spanking would be carried out in front of my brother and sisters. Being bent over his knee in front of them, my dress lifted, my knickers stripped to my knees and then spanked until I was crying uncontrollably with pain is not something I have ever forgotten. I was certainly taught my lesson and made an example of - suffice to say I have never smoked again.”


Anonymous said...

At my boarding school anyone caught smoking experienced a similar regime. The punishment was basically always the same. Two weeks back in infant school uniform which was white knickers, lavender gingham dress, grey ankles socks and a grey school cardigan with a purple trim and school badge - as many of the offenders were 15-18 years old this was obviously humiliating. Uniform was worn at all times. Six strokes of the cane to the behind in front of the school. Detention every evening and Saturday afternoon. Standing with hands on head in the playground at every break time. School duties all day on Sunday. As you found we found this very effective and the number of re-offenders very minimal. Any that there were receieved and even more severe period of punsihment for subsequent offences.

Anonymous said...

In this day and age I wonder about teenagers accepting such punishments!
They all know about "the rights of children"!