Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Can You Guess What it is Yet: Prelim Cover Layout Part 1 & A Blog Comment / Contribution

Hi folks. I am still at the seaside (Broadstairs, Kent) and will remain so until Tuesday most probably, so I did not plan to make a posting. However, as I have been talked into helping setup a home computer network; here I am. As it turns out an anonymous contributor has left a comment on the post "A Well Deserved Regime?" (Click to read the original posting) so as is my custom I have re-posted it below. Other than a bit of spell checking it is as sent to me. I also though you could do with a laugh, and so I thought I’d provide you with a little bit of insight as to how I go about things. In this case, I am talking about the cover design for volume 2. Call it ‘An anatomy of a cover’ if you will, but as I said in my last posting I am going to put up the development of the cover design step by step as it evolves. Up on the left is the very first biro scribble to that end. Not much to look at and looking like a pissed spider has staggered through a pool of red ink; but this is the prelim layout guide and amazing as it may seem, tells me the relative position of the various picture elements that will go to make up the final design. I know; it looks like a kid drew it - but I was somewhat inebriated...and in any case, it will all come out ok in the wash, so to speak (Remember; it is only a layout guide)

Now back to anonymous posting. Remember none of the following is my work and it has little to do with the INSTITUTIONALISED storyline – but it does have a lot to do with discipline, so read on…

“ I think that the discipline which you have imposed on Judith is very appropriate given her poor behavior and there would be fewer problems generally if others followed your example. In the US individuals like this used to be dealt with by their parents or if not by a stay on the County Farm. Many errant young girls benefited from being back in a uniform being educated in a disciplined environment and made to perform arduous labor with frequent application of the switch to guide them. Although Judith’s regime is less severe, it is certainly of the right nature and I think there are several ways in which the punishment could be increased in severity - and imposition of these changes for no particular reason will I am sure help to further underline to Judith the deservedly isolated and powerless position she has earned herself. I would suggest firstly that, assuming the wearing of these woolen items is both humiliating, because they are like a school uniform (color, etc.) and physically uncomfortable to wear, that she should wear her cardigan, jacket (including mitts) at all times in addition to her existing uniform. Next toilet visits should be limited to one per day, at a time of your choice. If she wets her knickers then the punishment should be very severe including time using a bucket and no toilet in addition to the other punishments, which you quite rightly impose for even much more minor misdemeanors. Eating meat is a privilege and I would limit this to no more than 2 or 3 times per week. For someone who has continued to lie like your niece mouth washing should be at least daily if not twice daily. In addition, you might like to consider the regular dispensing of castor oil to her. I quite agree with your incorporation of corporal punishment into her regime, but would suggest she is given a spanking every Sunday in front of your guests. This should be long and hard, given her age, so that she feels not only the humiliation but also severe pain. To accentuate the pain her two hours of vigorous exercise should follow immediately afterwards. I would also like to suggest that, now she has completed 2 months of this regime, you tell her of the severity and longevity of the next stages so as to remove any hope she may have of much improved conditions in the future. I would assume she would be kept at least 2 more years in some form of uniform.”

As you probably realize this contribution is addressed to Judith’s aunt (Judith being another past contributor).

Meanwhile while I’m here I am making the most of the lack of distractions to continue refining the last few parts of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 and I have to report it is well on track for publication mid-March

See Y’all


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