Monday, 8 December 2008

A Bit of News, a Comment and Two New YahooGroups

Hi folks, most of today I've spent rummaging through some yahoo groups for inspiration while recovering from yesterday's rather serious bender in the Spaniards Inn, Hampstead and the Turnpike Lane branch of Wetherspoon's (where I am assured I am single-handedly keeping their share price buoyant). I got a bit of writing done too, so rest assured: volume 2 is once again on the move.

The first of the YahooGroups I have been visiting today is:

Arrested And Handcuffed Girls in Jail - some nice behind bars pics, reform school, straitjacket, medical restraints and of course handcuff pics. Around 38 folders full.

The second group goes under the rather odd title of Coffled And Cuffed Cuties (I can't help thinking there is a spelling error in there somewhere) and is an incredible source of bondage photos and drawings and other artwork covering all sorts of eclectic subjects such as brides and bridesmaids in bondage or example. Incredibly this group seems to have over a hundred folders of pictures but I have barely had enough time to scratch the surface. As usual you can click on the group name here to go to the group and join or you can look in the resource list for yahoogroups in the right-hand sidebar where the links will appear shortly (I hope).

I have had a couple of e-mailed contributions with some interesting ideas and my apologies go out to the writers, because I just haven't had enough time (sober time that is) to reply at the moment but will do so later this evening.

I do have to throw my hands and admit to having wasted a large chunk of Saturday (perhaps wasted isn't the right term, in that it was so enjoyable) dipping into Richard Manton’s marvellous tome: Elaine Cox (see my last posting). I just love the way that the heroine having really only committed a most minor offense and having been entrusted to the reformatory’s care initially for only a very short period, finds herself, through various nefarious machinations of the governor, having more and more time added to her sentence until end up being incarcerated for five years (and it is implied that another girl has been similarly set up and is destined to spend an incredible seven years under the governor's tender care - and not-so-tender cane of course - for practically nothing other than for being the possessor of a rather overplump and attractive behind. That of course is the beauty of the Victorian reform school or workhouse setting - it was quite easy to get a young lady admitted to their care, and once there they would only be the word of the staff as to any other crimes and misdemeanours she might commit and thus earn her an extension of her sentence. Clearly the miscreant’s word would count for nothing in such an institution and the nearest I guess we can come in the more contemporary world is the asylum, where with the correct diagnosis the young lady can become a nonperson, whose words and accusations amount to nothing more than psychotic rambling and whose strap-blistered or cane-striped buttocks can be kept securely locked beyond the prying eyes of concerned do-gooders and ethics committees and the like.

Not to say that I haven't done a bit of work on volume 2 today; I've been working on the part provisionally entitled An Imposition of Uniform wherein, amongst other things, we learn in flashback something of Lavinia's aunts gradual introduction of school uniform for her near-on 18-year-old ‘niece’. The girl having finished with school quite sometime previously and taking a gap year prior to going on to university and her aunt in addition being very much a traditionalist and disillusioned with the school discipline and uniforms (where worn) of the modern era, the finished product, as it were, is very much a product of the woman's own devising (with the help of a seamstress friend) and not at all to her young charge’s liking. In fact, as the girl’s ‘aunt’ is fond of remarking, her design is a veritable “ confection of discipline” and although introduced gradually and piecemeal - overcoming objection one step at a time is, I feel always the best way - you can gauge our young heroine’s likely reaction from that remark well enough, I would imagine, without me giving away too much more.

Anyway, enough rambling for now, I will try and find a couple of suitable sample pics later and also add more yahoogroups to the YahooGroup resource list.

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