Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Blogs :Maids and women's Prison Uniforms

I have always thought that a career as a maid would be a suitable aim for a stuck up, haughty young lady such as Lavinia and Susan (of institutionalised volume 1 fame) once were, once their ridiculously elevated ambitions of being an actress or dancer in the case of one or attending university in the case of the other have been well and truly crushed out of them. Failing that, the a suitably drab prison uniform, a cramped cell and medical restraints or the strictly controlled dormitory discipline of the schoolroom unit, all starched tight, high collared school blouses and well tailored gymslips will suffice. So fishing around I've come across several blog sources of both suitable maid's uniform pictures and prison uniform pictures - see blog list in the sidebar or the links below. And talking of maid's uniforms; it was refreshing to see some imaginative uses of other colours other than the standard black and white for once, for example see picture above left in pink or the blue striped little number on the right.

I couldn't resist posting that one - perfect for either of our young heroines I would think - and suitability galling. Nor could I resist the one of the girl with her mistress - a suitable place for either Susan or Lavinia to be. But who knows what is to eventually become of them? Perhaps only the asylum will be apt - I think it a distinct possibility for one of them, if her guardian has any say in the matter; it is an opinion that the woman has already voiced more than once.

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