Monday, 17 November 2008

Some Uniform Regulations

As an addendum to the posting before last; I have come across while researching for the final outstanding parts of volume 2 of INSTITUTIONALISED a list of uniform regulations which I thought some of you might be interested in. It is actually quite useful to visit the site if you are likely to read vol 2 or 3 as there are illustrations of a couple of anachronistic garments that many of you won''t as yet be familiar with and that may have their part to play in some form or other in our heroines lives at some point - wait and see. I have also added Mr Whacker's blog to the blog list - lots of stories and pics from Janus, whispers, Blushes et al and some writing by Richard Manton.

Uniform regulations

School liberty bodice

School undervest

Mr Whacker

In my view one of Richard Manton's finest reformatory works - taken from Janus but here on Mr Whacker's blog: The man with the Goldern Rod

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