Monday, 17 November 2008

Another Story I've Come Across in my Travels

I have just found a nice little bit of bondage / slavery / caged-girl story (and a new blog) and I do like to get my fill of girls in cages. Its the best place for them, even if I do tend to keep mine in cells - padded and otherwise - and securely locked and barred hospital wards (literally speaking of course) but nothing really beats a nice cramped little cage (it's just that it doesn't fit with my particular story arc that I'm developing at the moment...unless somebody has some good ideas to incorporate one into the INSTITUTIONALISED story thread. The tale is called The New Pet by DragonMage (read it here - click title - blog link in blog list on sidebar) and I should be able to sort out a suitable caged girl pic later...but then I am still looking for a suitable mouth-soaping pic for the article that I posted up (well I found one, or rather, to tell the truth, I was sent one - thanks go out to Anon 5. I'm not sure of the artist's identity though - I can't read the signature. Personally I'd prefer to see something slightly smaller if anything - she shouldn't have the room to stretch out her legs - and with a litter tray beneath a barred floor to catch her waste. Better still, to my taste, is a straitjacket, a tiny windowless padded cell and a perpetually repeating nursery rhyme (the type of treatment one comes across in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1) or random electronic beeping, perhaps sounding every two to three minutes - a kind of modern take on the old Chinese water torture).

Its on a nice imaginative little blog called The Lair of the Dragon mage (click to visit) and there are a number of areas of departure from the old tried tested bondage / spanking blog format. For instance there are articles involving orgasm denial and control and the use of hypnosis to achieve a kind of virtual bondage - imagine, if you will, the sheer unadulterated frisson of a woman in reality free to move yet convinced through post hypnotic suggestion that her arms and ankles have been immobilised and forced thereby to retain her position while her bottom is spanked. you can read that bit here (click).

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the link and the post. ^_^ I'm glad you liked what you read on my blog.