Friday, 21 November 2008

More E-Discipline: Let's Call Her My Little Supplicant. Also New Thorn Art Added

I am just putting together a new post and doing some general work on the blog. I have been writing today, working on a section that is destined to eventually become part of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 3 and that I have provisionally entitled 'drip, drip, drip'. Not to give too much away it involves a pretty, late teenage, girl (whom you may or may not have already met in volume 1, I'm not saying, but will learn more about in volume 2 in the company of her governess) a pitch black hospital room, medical restraints and a 'malfunctioning', leaking intravenous drip-feed. I know I should get volume 2 finished first but when these ideas come to me I like to get them down as soon as possible before I lose them (I would have liked to have supplied a suitable pic, something teasing, but couldn't find anything that really worked in the time I have available today).
Talking of chastisement: I can't help thinking that Little Supplicant seems a good a title as any to apply to my little discipline disciple corespondent, to whom I have referred before in previous postings. Actually, come to think about it It is a name that seems as naturally suited to her, reading between the lines, as does the school uniform here– it is easily my favourite of those in my collection from the period and one that I would have no compunction whatsoever to putting her in, despite her maturity - the combination of the striped blazer and striped hat-ribbon should make it suitably conspicuous in public, and the girl (for that is how I perceive her, despite her years) suitably self-conscious in it. And if it didn't fit… well, I'd make it fit! That little problem would simply have to be addressed by appropriately restrictive foundation wear…or she would have to be dieted into it at the encouragement of the cane. It is an image that I would suggest we all hold in our collective imaginations when we read of her correspondence and of her completion of her various impositions - a middle aged woman squeezed into a pleated skirted gymslip and squirming to ease the sting of a throbbing freshly-caned behind. Perhaps she can let us know how it feels, after her husband canes her this weekend.

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sixofthebest said...

What more can a man wish, then if this drawing was true. What a way to start the new day right. Then by caning a naughty female, on her voluptous bare bottom.