Thursday, 20 November 2008

E-discipline, A Gentle Introduction, a Letdown and Some Plans for the Future

Its sad to have to report this: Yesterday I outlined how I have agreed to take a not-so-young woman (who for now will remain anonymous) under my wing, desperately in need of discipline it would seem, and how I have gone to some length to put together a simple programme of written impositions to ease her into the mindset of being under discipline. Well, its day one of her new regime and already she has let both me - and herself - down.
Amazingly, she has told me how she would have liked to have been living under the authority of my ex-wife and I at the time when we had a late teenage girl staying with us (a story I plan to share with you all at a later date - it is rather long to relate here and now) and be subject to the same discipline and dressed in the same uniform we kept her in. Well, the uniform she was placed in was ideally designed for the more mundane, lowly chores of domestic service with no though at all given to the aesthetic aspect nor to the girl's vanity - practical and plain, if not ugly, it would have been far better suited to a woman in her late 40's then a girl in her late teens in any case. All I can say is that if that was the case and the time was now then our middle-aged miscreant would right now be kneeling over a low stool in the kitchen, her hands placed to her rear and pressed into service to hold up the full skirt of her button-through light-blue nylon overall and her baggy white acetate bloomers hanging around her knees while the first of many throbbing red tram-lines slowly develops across a somewhat overdeveloped bottom, thrust out from beneath a tight fitting corselete within a framing of straining, white suspenders. I wonder how many strokes of the cane it would need to reduce her to howling like a baby - perhaps the lady herself would care to comment? If not, how many would you hand out? Would she have to count the strokes? Would the punishment be restarted afresh should she lose count or fail to give heartfelt thanks for her correction? Perhaps you would care to proceed without a fixed limit, perhaps seeking her broken to tears before stopping - it is the approach I think I would favor and the one favoured by the clinic's matron in the INSTITUTIONALISED series. It circumvents the development of the attitude that a girl 'can take it' and avoids toughing her up - holding back from tears only prolongs the punishment and the effect on a girl of repeatedly being broken down, without fail, under a caning is to develop instead a state of 'learnt helplessness', gradually wearing her down to the point at which the tears will come near spontaneously at the mere sight of the cane or the strap.

Luckily for her, then, (and she knows who she is) that she is not in that situation - although I do feel that a short sharp shock would be in order.

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