Thursday, 25 September 2008

School Badges and Humiliating Mottos - Any Ideas Out There?

Yesterday was one week to the day since I had my eye laser treatment and so it was off back to Harley Street for an examination and eye test. My eyesight is still a bit pissed up so writing to the computer is still somewhat hard work. Apparently the reason is that I am suffering from dry eyes, despite all the eye drops that I've had to put in each day. Now I have to put in moisturising eye drops every hour on the hour and some new horrid oily substance three times a day - this stuff makes my vision temporarily even worse (around five to ten minutes worth anyway) and turns everything into an oil painting (and a somewhat runny one at that). I had chosen for an early appointment so as to meet up with an old school chum for lunch in a nearby pub (where else?) - The Jack Horner in Tottenham Court Rd - a purveyor of fine pies and even finer pints of Fullers ESB (Extra Special Bitter - and it is, too) (possibly the best bitter in the world -at least I think so). It was all a bit of a disaster though; my old mate didn't turn up until two o'clock in the afternoon by which time I had already knocked back five pints, I hadn't started any writing because I was expecting him to arrive any minute (for around two and a half hours worth) and then we moved to Camden (I think - I can't really remember) and by the time he left I was far too inebriated to start. And then of course there was those bloody eye drops, everything swimming around in an oily sea of colour, and have you ever tried putting in eye drops without poking yourself in the eye while extraordinarily pissed and in some crowded and excessively noisy Camden pub. I do remember that the eye strain was making me feel tired, and then I guess I must have gone home - because the very next thing I knew it was the morning and I was back here. Today I've mainly been gathering source material for the blog, various illustrative pictures and also hoping for inspiration to get me writing again - I have a lot of stuff part written but that at the moment I can't really face finishing off so rather than waste my time completely I'm starting of one or two new story arcs. I have decided that it might be fun if volume 2 and/or volume 3 were to have one or two small illustrations here and there had to start the ball rolling and to explore further the idea I have attempted to create the embroidered blouse pocket badge outlined in that small and partly written fragment that I published a couple weeks or so back, click on badge to link to it. Later today or early this evening I am going to be adding some illustrations to the blog entry that I posted the day before yesterday and some discussion points but for now I'm going to try and get a little bit more of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 finished before I go out for a couple of pints (for medicinal purposes only you understand - the cruelest thoughts only ever come after a couple of pints or so, I'm too nice ordinarily).

And finally: Well, I just I couldn't resist showing an example of something of the way I imagine it would look embroidered on the bodice of a gymslip - or perhaps it should mirror the one that embellishes her blouse's top pocket beneath, in terms of size and placement.

Personaly I think the 'great big statement' aproach is rather humbling to the wearer - a nice refinement of her humiliation. But...What do you think?

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