Friday, 26 September 2008

A Vague Outline and a Few Beers More

Hi folks it's another bright sunny day here in North London and I'm off down the pub - yes, at this time of day. The local Wetherspoon's opens its doors at eight and serves its first pint at nine - I'm already behind schedule then! I didn't get much done yesterday past answering the plethora of e-mails that had built up but I did develop some interesting ideas last night over a few pints and those shall be the seeds of today's work. I should think today's outpourings are more likely to become part of volume 3 rather than volume 2 but without giving away too much the basic outline revolves around the concept of a very detailed, personal and embarrassing interrogation of one of the girls by a doctor. Initially she is non cooperative but then the interrogation of another takes place in her presence and she is able to witness first-hand the likely results of the repercussions she is risking bringing down on herself.

The picture today is another supplied by ‘Domestic Disciplinarian’, I think originally from one of the Blushes / Whispers / New Supplement / New Uniform Girls magazine stable. I just think it's evocative of the scene - albeit with a male doctor and an altogether wrongly attired subject. Anyone out there with anything more suitable, than be my guest - please send it in.

I realise I still haven't added the illustrations to the post I made the day before yesterday nor the discussion I promised but this will have to wait to a later date as I'm still suffering quite a lot of visual disturbance.

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sixofthebest said...

I love those photo's pure humiliation for the female, pure joy for the male. I only wished that the female would be given a good birching, or caning on that bare bottom of hers, while she is wearing suspender-belt and stockings. Pure erotics for me.