Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Do Mine Eyes Deceive or Have My Eyeballs Been Resurfaced?

Well not yet they haven't, but by this time tomorrow, all being well, I'll have taken off my horn-rims for the last time - I'm having my vision laser-corrected you see… and in London's well-known Harley Street at that! Sounds very flash, but to be honest I don't have a lot of cash so I'm having it done on the cheap -only the most basic options. Why am I telling you this? Because there might not be any more posts for a couple of days or so while I recover my wits (I'm a bit nervous you see - it's all those death rays and stuff). Ordinarily I wouldn't be quite so bothered but for one reason or other I haven't posted much since the end of last week and before that I was on holiday (vacation, if you really must). What with my last post being all about recommending a commercial bondage film site and conspicuously featuring a clip taken from one of their movies (albeit on topic-ish, being all about some sinister and exploitative asylum-like institution… and I really like those - they're the best sort) there is the distinct nature of newcomers gaining the perception of this blog being a commercial enterprise - which of course it isn't. Okay I'll admit it serves to raise the profile of my book, (or series, as I intend it will grow into in time) and I have signed up to the BondageBank’s affiliate program. But such an enterprise is unlikely to return much in a way of remuneration and, in any case, my hope is merely that it will help offset the cost of writing the next couple of volumes or so - there's very little money to be made from such a niche publication as INSTITUTIONALISED through channels such as Lulu. Indeed, following the principle that ‘one man's poison is another man's meat’ that part of the INSTITUTIONALISED series’ manifesto that states the intention to seek to integrate, incorporate and satisfy many different disparate fetishes and tastes will in all probability serve to ensure that niche status despite my intention that it should appeal to a wide swathe of interests.
That said, I couldn't resist one more pick from our friends at the BondageBank as it wonderfully illustrates an aspect of the life I imagine for the inmates that populate the experimental psychology unit central to the story arc of the INSTITUTIONALISED series; it is an aspect that will be explored in some depth in volumes 2 and 3 - the interrogation. The essential thing about an interrogation, of course, the thing that makes it so interesting in the context of S&M and D&S, is that the subject should have something to hide, something that she'd much rather not speak of. Sexual peccadilloes, deeply held and excruciatingly embarrassing feminine concerns, distasteful toiletry habits - one can easily imagine many corners to be probed that day young lady might rather keep to herself; particularly should her psychological stability be under question. I'm sure that those that have read volume 1 of INSTITUTIONALISED can think of at least one aspect of Susan Stringer’s life that might make her particularly vulnerable to such an approach. A volunteer research subject suffering from certain problems that have already put her under pressure from some to become a self-committed voluntary psychiatric patient she might well construe such interview as an attempt to further pressurise her. Imagine her reluctance to answer questions about aspects of her life that she herself has come to believe may be evidence of her own instability - could her answers be used against her, could they be used to commit her, properly commit her as a psychiatric patient?
As I read it, she is sitting there in the hands of a highly skilled psychologist. What while might they do to encourage her cooperation? How long might she hold out? And if she fails, then what, what credibility would she have then, what would her future hold then? And what might be in store for her should she fully fall into their hands?

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