Friday, 8 August 2008

A Few New Useful Links & Resources: Women's Work Uniforms - And Something of A Manifesto

I am now staying with friends while I await my local 'phone company to 'pull their finger out' and...deep intake of breath... GET MY DAMN LINE FIXED!!!

Today I'm adding in a few new useful links and resources, these dealing with women's work-wear and uniforms. I'll also probably be adding in some more pics later.

There will be similar lists from time to time covering other subject matter that, while not exhaustive, will be updated as time passes. Anything you see in light blue can be clicked on to go straight to the resource concerned and I am gradually building up a network of such hyper-links throughout the blog.

The aim is to build a multi-fetish resource hub around the inspirations and influences behind the INSTITUTIONALISED series as it grows beyond the paltry single volume it at present consists of. The idea is that this blog will one day blossom into a full-blown website for discipline aficionados of every flavor. But more than that; my vision is of a network of resources and discussion points and of an interplay of ideas based around an ever growing-body of literature; sprouting from the INSTITUTIONALISED series as the core, but flourishing from the pens of others more talented than I and nurtured by mutual inspiration, to build an entire body of multi-fetish literature, imaginatively branching and evolving - challenging and extending even the most entrenched classics of the CP, bondage, D/S, S&M, Mind Control and other related genre.

In short: the aim is, in the context of these genre, to reach the same standards of character development, story telling and (dare I say it) literal quality, as one would expect from any decent novel taken from the library or purchased from a reputable book store, but also building in a new dimension of interaction between writer and reader - a more personal relationship.
  • The Travel Trunk (Commercial site stocking Waitress, maid and nurse uniforms, many retro styles, as well as caps, aprons and other accessories. The sell all sorts of other stuff, often not at all related in any way that I can understand; such as swim hats and teapots - whatever! So, quite an oddly-eclectic mix and you have to poke around a bit, but its well worth checking out for the uniform pics etc.
  • Yahoo Group: Maids Archive (Maid's uniforms, often erotic. All in all, pretty good but be aware there is some cross-dressing / sissy stuff posted from time to time. You have to register and then access the pics by email)
  • Yahoo Group: English Working Women (This group is the hub for a whole series of groups - don't be put off by the rather dowdy pic on the front page. I have contributed many of my catalog scans to their various folders and it would take days to work through it all: everything from nurses and maid's uniforms to the nylon overalls and shop assistant dresses of the 1960s and just about everything in between - a great resource, particularly for doing manipulations.

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