Saturday, 9 August 2008

Enema Punishments, Shamelessly Cruel Exploitation and A Link

(Click on title for previous letters page scan posted from Blushes et al)

Ordinarily I don't post or update at weekends; but I do try to each week day, at least once. However as I have a problem with my home internet connection at the moment I am staying with friends and using theirs and as mine might not get fixed in time for the start of the week I'm getting as much done as possible now (also it's pissing down outside (raining, that is) so there's little else to do anyway).

I just thought I'd put up another couple of magazine letter-page scans from of my extensive collection of stuff that has conspired over the years to inspire me to put pen to paper. These two are from the 'Blushes' / 'Whispers' / 'New Uniform Girls' magazine stable, published in the mid 1980s. Just click on either image to enlarge and read.

Both are suitably deliciously cruel and exploitative in tone in their own right; but it is when they are taken together that the fun really starts! There are various aspects here that were destined to inspire and, in one way or another, trigger, the creation of the INSTITUTIONALISED project. In particular the use of enema or laxatives proposed by the writer of the first letter (to left) and his concept of total control over a young lady's most intimate bodily functions, with the concomitant psychological impact that would likely bring - well, taken together with the suggested scenario rolled out in the second correspondence (to right), fertile ground indeed is provided for imagination to seed!
I just couldn't resist this pic; it so nicely illustrates both letters - I have to admit that I pinched it from Enema Photos blog - hope they don't mind - click on it to go to that blog, see more and perhaps contribute (something I'm always keen to encourage).

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