Friday, 11 July 2008

An inspiring letter published in Blushes magazine (1980s)

Today's offerings are a pair of particularly inspiring (and long) letters published in the 1980s in the quite wonderful, but now unfortunately defunct, ‘Blushes’ magazine.
‘Blushes’, for those that have never come across it, tended to place a greater emphasis on the humiliation and exploitation, in various ways, of the young ladies depicted in its stories and pictures rather than merely concentrating on their caning, spanking or whatever, per se. There was also often greater emphasis placed on the imposition of strict rules, regulations and uniforms etc then was seen in other magazines of the time such as Janus, Swish, Roué et al. The first writer's comments ( left-hand scan) regarding the “dismal, watery outpourings” of the publications of the time certainly rang true in many cases, and in books and novels as much as magazines. The section wherein the writer mentions how “‘Blushes’ readers have wicked fantasies of how they might deal with pretty girls in their charge by way of CP” triggered off a whole series of follow-up letters from other readers outlining all sorts of cruelly twisted and interesting ideas, and the right-hand scan illustrates part of one such reply.

The most interesting and inspiring paragraph of the first letter, in terms of its relevance to the evolution of the ‘INSTITUTIONALISED’ series, is that wherein the writer states: “much preferable is the more hypocritical idea of a girl under[going] a harsh regime to ‘reform’ her. The humiliating uniform is in theory not so much worn for the titillation of her guardians, but as a constant reminder of her station and that she is subject to discipline" (yummm!). When I read that my imagination went into overdrive for weeks, if not months... just what might that 'humiliating uniform' consist of? Clearly, from the letters that followed, I wasn't the only one left feverishly juggling visions, ideas and possibilities.

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