Monday, 14 July 2008

Great gymslip found on the Web

You are most probably asking yourself right now what's so great about this (see left), what possible relevance could this have to the INSTITUTIONALISED story arc?

What is the recurring theme echoing throughout the work? Why, discipline of course. More specifically young ladies, both lovely and vulnerable, placed and kept under a regime of strict discipline. Still don't see what makes these so great? Click on the image on the left for a close-up, check out the fabric...still don't get it? The creases, it's all in the bloody creasing!!

Yeah! That's right! I'm getting all hot under the collar over something that might well come down to having been an unfortunate choice of fabric; I mean, whatever they have used it obviously really, really easily creases! How totally brilliant! Imagine it with a far more tailored look (as outlined in the previous post, see below) but still retaining that buttoned belt (look carefully). Ah! There you are, now you have it!

And now of course all that ridiculous excitement over a bit of creasing becomes clear, doesn't it. Imagine the young lady who might be wearing it, a young woman in her late teens, or even her early to mid twenties, under the threat of the cane should her uniform be anything other than perfectly immaculate at any time! And I mean, perfectly!
The pic on the right is just to illustrate a purse belt as described in the previous post (See below).

Ah! The discipline, the discipline! The possibilities are endless!
Both pics are from ( see interesting sites section)

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