Tuesday 22 November 2022

Hi Folks I'm Back!

I'll explain where I've been at a later date but for now I'd like to dip my toe back in the water with this little offering: I've been messing around with colourising some images from the world in which the INSTITUTIONALISED books were set - whch basicaly could beany time between the late 1950s and the early 1970s (you can largely make up your own mind)  - and awful lot of the best originaly being in black and white (strictly speaking, grey scale). The rationale is simply because my next publication shall largly be pictorial. There will be SOME text, to set the scene and / or explain what is going on, when there might be some ambiguity and I'm trying to put over a specific idea, but on the whole it will largely be left up to the reader's / viewer's imagination to interpret, which I think can br quite enjoyable. The work will be in two parts: The first part will be roughly as linear as I can make it. The second part will be a collection of various manipulations I have created over the years, including a body of work I did with, and for, Roger Benson. Some of these you will have seen before on here, a good few you will not have: Either way it will be the first time an entire collection of my manipulations will have been available all in one place.


Anonymous said...

Great pics - even if done last year sometime! Kx

Anonymous said...

The bottom image looks most realistic because you’ve colourised her skin too, but I think the middle image blue is the nicest shade.

You make great images Garth, keep it up!

A fan

Garno said...

Yeah, thanks for the encouragement... Yes... it's three different stages of the process... A little bit difficult to do because I wanted to retain that sort of glossy finish of the nylon

Garno said...

Many hanks for the encouragement...Yeah the three images are three different stages... I was keen to try.maintan.that kind of glossiness that nylon had back in the day