Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Hi Folks I'm Back!

I'll explain where I've been at a later date but for now I'd like to dip my toe back in the water with this little offering: I've been messing around with colourising some images from the world in which the INSTITUTIONALISED books were set - whch basicaly could beany time between the late 1950s and the early 1970s (you can largely make up your own mind)  - and awful lot of the best originaly being in black and white (strictly speaking, grey scale). The rationale is simply because my next publication shall largly be pictorial. There will be SOME text, to set the scene and / or explain what is going on, when there might be some ambiguity and I'm trying to put over a specific idea, but on the whole it will largely be left up to the reader's / viewer's imagination to interpret, which I think can br quite enjoyable. The work will be in two parts: The first part will be roughly as linear as I can make it. The second part will be a collection of various manipulations I have created over the years, including a body of work I did with, and for, Roger Benson. Some of these you will have seen before on here, a good few you will not have: Either way it will be the first time an entire collection of my manipulations will have been available all in one place.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

2020 - Looking To The Future Through Rosey-Tinted Specs

 ...And at equaly Roesy bottoms one is to hope! Ha ha ha ha1

Hi Again psycho-sado fans and spankologists - and a happy new year to you; may the outbreak stay far from your door! Am I the only one who feels as if living through one of those bio-disaster movies wherein everyone is carrying on as usual while in the background the man on the tele is reporting ever-growing - exponentially growing - rates of infection, rapidly mutating contagion evading all attempts at vaccination and empty city streets?... And then the newscaster himself begins coughing....

Oh dear! Anyway - yep! This is indeed my first posting of 2020 - and I feel unaccountably positive for some strange reason; it's like: '2020 is the year it all changes' (the writer turns from the computer, glances over shoulder: 'Please do try stop coughing dear!' Said with an edge of irritability. Pauses to wipe the trickle of blood from his left nostril with his right hand - the action unconscious and apparently not noticed: he coughs himself, and carries on regardless).

So - what do we have coming up for you this year??? ('stop that coughing back there for God's sake - will you!!!')  Well for a start: at long last my first illustrated work is coming to a close.  Started as long ago as 2010 as a collaboratory project with Angela Fox and more as a test of concept than anything else, I am now...roll of drums... delighted to present the front cover!!! (see above)  YAYYYYY!!!  

Well, to be honest, it is sort of a prospective front cover at the moment: In the fullness of time (not too much time I am hoping - I want to get the thing published while there's still a few of you left alive out there to buy the thing!) I'll be getting back to you with some alternative versions and asking for  your collective opinion.

Talking of the latter (obtaining your collective opinion): Right now I am, in addition to finishing off my own projects - did I ever mention I am also halfway through a fem-dom story with a male protagonist? - I am also beginning work on finishing off one of  Robin Stone's projects which he has been putting together in collaboration with the aforementioned Ms Angela Fox for quite some time and which long ago I too had some input.  Exciting times!!!  
Anyway: One of the illustrations Robin Stone is considering using (see immediately above) you might have seen before (and a version features in my new work too - but in a very different context). It is an amalgam of a room scene by Angela Fox with figures and various additions and adaptations by yours truly. Now: Robin Stone asked me to change the gymslip on the hanger from it's original navy blue to bottle green (and therein lies a question in itself: Which do you prefer? navy blues or bottle green - or does it not matter to you?).  While doing this (it took mere seconds) I took the opportunity to change the colour of the nurse's dress (the observant - and relatively elderly - among you will have spotted it is actually a past-times staff uniform from a well known UK high street shop 'back in the day'). See below. 
 So - the questions I'd like to pose are: Which do you prefer? Or perhaps you don't like either version - in which case what else would you rather see?  How do you see this scenario playing out - and does it excite you at all; and if so, why? (I should point out at this juncture that neither of these two versions represents the full picture and both are cropped versions so as to close in on what I see as the salient features for the purposes of this post).  

OK - that's it for now. Please don't forget to send up your comments - they won't appear immediately because I have to validate each one before it is published due to certain individuals who had been spamming a while back, but they will appear! Cheers! See you next time!

Thursday, 5 December 2019

The Latest Robin Stone Is Now Available

Hi folks! Just the very quickest of quickest notes to say the latest Robin Stone book went 'live' today on LULU.  It should be now available on LULU as PDF, print or epub / Kindle and should be available on other platforms such as Amazon, Apple Book Store and so on shortly. A link to the LULU PDF version can be found over on the right at the top of the sidebar. 

As I said in my previous posting (come on! I'm sure you can remember - it WAS only yesterday!) My role on this one has largely been limited and confined to that of editor / proof reader, publisher and, of course, designer and creator of the cover art, but my own project, still bubbling away in the background, should be ready before Christmas with any luck. I've also got a bit of work from Roger Benson I said I'd do for him on the back burner, so I'm not hanging around right now. 

See y'all again soon!

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Christmas Is Coming! And So Is Another New Book By Robin Stone!

 Hi again folks! Well as you can see from the image above a new book by my old mate, Robin Stone is now VERY nearly ready for publication. As before, the work revolves around many of the usual themes which have become associated with the name, Robin Stone, and for which he is famed. 

My input on this one has been limited to proofreading, editing, formatting to suite the various platforms and media on and through which it is planned to release it - namely print and PDF on LULU and epub via Amazon - and of course cover design (and a bit of refinement work on the mask featured above).

Talking of the cover design: As many of you will doubtless recognise, several different and disparate sources have been plundered in creating the imagery, ranging from elements such as pen and ink line drawing, computer generated imagery (the diaper / nappy pail and cage bed, originally created for Robin Stone by our good friend Angela Fox) and photography (the gaberdine mackintosh supplied by Robin Stone himself and the rest extracted from various Internet sources). I have to say I've had a great deal of fun playing with the artwork.  

But don't think I've totally neglected my own projects. There is always inspiration to be had when working on someone else's projects, even if the subject matter and style doesn't directly and immediately gel with my own work and I've been able to incorporate certain elements and ideas into one of my own projects. Talking of which: I have a graphics based project growing on my hard drive right now which I have been working on for several years in various forms on and off and which I am presently hoping to get out by Christmas... Hmmm....NICE!

So - the imagery below should give you some insight into the a few of the various stages the cover design has passed through during its evolution, and this leads to a couple of questions: 

Some of these intermediates feature the empty caged bed, side bars in the down position. The questions I'd like to pose therefore are these: 

Should the bed be depicted with the barred side in the raised position and the barred top locked in place,  or should it be shown in the lowered position?  Should the bed be depicted occupied or unoccupied? 

Oh - and one extra additional question as just occurred to me: The pail - Diapers or nappies; which one should it say? Or, indeed, should it be a plain white enamel pail, or even left out alltogether? 

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

A Pre-Institutionalisation Softening up? Or: I Bet THAT Smarts!

Something I found on Tumblr and thought I'd share with those of you who are not regular Tumblr goers. In my mind I like to imagine this as a pre-institutionalisation softening up. the crop wielded by her legal guardian, stepmother, governess or even nanny or nursemaid.

So (to use the modern style of beginning every sentence with 'so', to show I'm up-to-date with my finger on the zeitgeist; I'm still working on the Antipodean terminal upward inflection) having pretty much finished with text-editing and formatting Robin Stone's latest work I am now moving on to the bit I like best - cover design - while at the same time (as there will likely be a certain amount of overlap between both the the imagery and the graphical elements pressed into use) doing a certain amount of work on my own graphics-based project; of which more next time (I hope!), perhaps accompanied by a teaser of some sort. 

By the way: If you want to correspond and share ideas and inspiration with Robin Stone directly - especially as regards the work featured in my previous post, last time - please email me at toyntanen@googlemail.com and I'll pass on your email address to him. 

See y'all next time! Take care!

Thursday, 7 November 2019

The ‘Benefits’ of a Gas Mask: An Article by Robin Stone

Hi folks! I know I've not been around for a while but I am now back working on a couple of projects, of which more next time. Meanwhile here is an article by my mate Robin Stone. Now this is not my sort of thing ordinarily but maybe it is yours - I'd be interested to know one way or the other. But whatever I may think about the present subject matter, I've done some collaborative work with Robin Stone in the past and always there is some merit in taking on board someone else's 'interests' when it comes to providing much needed inspiration.  By the way: If you'd like to correspond with the original author of this piece - Robin Stone - please contact me direct via email (toyntanen@googlemail.com) with your email address and I'll pass it along to him ... Now read on (as they used to say)

The ‘Benefits’ of a Gas mask
By Robin
 Some people find it difficult to understand why someone should like gas masks. There purpose being quite sinister – being made, and widely distributed in times of war and conflict, when the enemy might inflict poisonous gases on the troops or population.
Why should anyone actually like to wear one? Why should anyone actually want to make someone else wear one? There doesn’t seem to be any logic in it.

But then one has to understand that by they’re very nature they need to be made of rubber, and of course there are a great number of people who love rubber. I don’t need to go into the details of that in this context. We just need to understand that there are so very many people, females as well as males, who love the smell, and feel of a beautifully crafted item made from this wonderful material.

So, let’s just assume that we have a very pretty girl, called Joanne, and she is willing, or maybe even not willing, but she is just forced to obey! She could very well be dressed from head to toe in rubber, maybe including at least one shiny black rubber mackintosh and probably a pair of very shiny and very tall rubber riding boots. Joanne has no option but to obey.

She may have seen pictures of gas masks before, but that would have been in the context of vintage pictures of the second World War, or maybe pictures of military personnel in the more recent conflicts throughout the world. All these soldiers need to carry protection just in case. Why would she think that anyone would have one of these hideous masks in their own home? And of course she would never imagine that she might be forced to wear one!

Just imagine Joanne sitting in a chair looking at herself in a large mirror. She might have been tied voluntarily, (or involuntarily for that matter,) to a chair, as she knows that to have her tied up pleases her mistress. Or maybe she even enjoys being helpless and at the mercy of her tormentor. She can see the reflection of her very pretty face in the mirror. She might have been allowed to put on some basic make up, but even without it she is still extremely attractive.

Her mistress approaches from behind, our submissive doesn’t notice that she has something in her hands. Joanne obeys when she is ordered to close her eyes. What is happening to her? She’s tried to turn her head to one side, but the grip of her mistress’s hand holds her head firmly in place. Suddenly she finds that something is being pressed over her face. She struggles again, but it’s in vain. She now finds that her breathing is restricted, and what is that awful smell?

Joanne can feel her mistress fiddling with something towards the back of her head. She has been told to keep her eyes firmly closed, and she dare not disobey her mistress for fear of the severe caning that she will most certainly receive. Her bottom is already very sore from the 50 strokes of a cane that she received earlier that day. She can’t take any more, so she obeys. Her eyes remain tightly shut.

The thick rubber presses even more firmly to her head as her mistress pulls the six rubber straps in to hold the fearsome gas mask even tighter to her head. She struggles to gain air, until she is told to calm down and take slow even breaths. She still finds it harder to breathe than normal. The inlet valve is restricting her air intake. As she breathes out, the outlet valve makes a strange noise.

She is now allowed to open her eyes and she stares at herself in the large mirror. She stares at herself in astonishment. What is that grotesque thing now over her face? Surely it can’t be her inside the terrifying black rubber mask? It is her. How could her mistress do this to her? They had never discussed anything like this before, but now she is being subjected to the humiliation of wearing this awful thing over her pretty face. In fact she can hardly see her face – only her eyes are visible through the thick lenses of the mask. She is now under the discipline of having to wear this awful gas mask. Her mistress surges with pleasure as she sees her slaves’ distress.

Little does Joanne know that this particular mask has been modified from the original. The inlet filter has been removed and its place has been taken by a long black corrugated rubber tube. The tube is two feet long and what should be the open end has been covered over. It should be over an inch in diameter, but she can only inhale air through a hole which is no more than 1/8th of an inch in diameter. The length of the tube makes her situation even worse.

Once she has calmed down considerably, she finds that she can inhale sufficient air for her survival. She struggles desperately when her mistress picks up the long flexible tube and simply places the end of one finger over the small inlet hole. One small finger is all that it takes to block off her air supply. She is now finding it harder to breathe. She doesn’t understand why she can’t breathe, and in her panic she moves her head from side to side, struggling to get free as she does so. She cannot gain any freedom of course, her mistress has fastened the straps and belts up so tight around
her, so very, very tight. However, she struggles for breath. Suddenly she finds that she can breathe again as her mistress removes her little finger from over the inlet hole. Gasping for breath, she obeys her mistress and she relaxes in the chair, secure in the knowledge that her mistress is in charge and she is always considerate to her needs – well almost always!

All is quiet in the room and Joanne is left to contemplate her reflection in the mirror. In fact she is not alone, her mistress is sitting out of sight and out of the reflection of the mirror. Tears begin to well up in her eyes. She looks so ugly with the terrifying rubber mask over her face. Salty tears run down her face, but they cannot reach her nose or mouth because they are contained in a separate moulded rubber nose and mouth piece. She is now sobbing with the deep humiliation of having this awful mask clamped over her face. She realises that her hearing is restricted, and in fact she cannot hear anything but the rasping of her breath, as she inhales steadily and then exhales through the valves. Her breathing is still restricted, but now she has calmed down, she is no longer in distress.

She could talk if she wished to, but she knows that if she were to say anything to her mistress without express permission, then she would incur further punishment. In fact after sitting in the same position for quite some time, she realises that she needs to go to the toilet. She calls out loudly, “Mistress, mistress, please can I go to the toilet? I need to do a wee-wee.”

Even though her mistress is still close by, she does not respond. Joanne has no option but to use the thick padded protection that has been put on her, the tight elastic in the legs of the two pairs of plastic and rubber pants prevent any leaks should her terry nappy be unable to contain everything.

Of course speaking without permission will incur punishment, but this time it comes not in the form of another caning. Joanne is greatly relieved to feel the straps of the gas mask being relaxed and eventually the terrible mask is removed from her head. She expects that the session will soon be over, but this is not the case. Her mistress has some compassion and she is allowed to blow her nose and has her face wiped over with a towel, which gives her some relief.

To her astonishment, she sees her mistress place both of her hands into what looks like something in the shape of a head. It is in fact a black latex open-faced hood. After she has been ordered to close her eyes, she finds that it is soon stretched over her head, and she finds that immediately her hearing is greatly reduced. On trying to open her eyes she finds that she can no longer see anything. In fact her eyes can now feel the discomfort of having something pressing against them. The thick rubber padding now filling her eye sockets is far from comfortable, but it is very effective in cutting off all light. She has been completely blindfolded and the thick padding over her ears has made her almost deaf.

Joanne struggles in vain once more, and her mistress gives her time to calm down. Quite lovingly she strokes the back of Joanne’s head, and as she does so, she pulls a second black latex rubber hood over and completely down to rest around her neck.

Of course Joanne has ‘enjoyed’ many a severe bondage session with her mistress, but this is something different. Yes, of course, she has had surprises in the past; that just adds to her excitement, but this is just completely different. What will happen next?

The order to open her mouth is just audible as her mistress speaks quite loudly and close to her left ear. Joanne obeys, and seconds later she finds that something smooth is entering between her teeth. The same sensation that she had before is there once again. She is certain that her mistress is putting another horrible rubber gas mask over her face. Only this time she can’t see what she looks like. She can use her imagination though, and she imagines quite correctly that she now looks just as ridiculous as she did before.
This time though, things are made much worse! Her breathing is immediately much more laboured and of course she can’t see anything at all. Even if she hadn’t got the inner rubber hood covering her eyes, she still wouldn’t be able to see through this mask. The eye lenses have been completely blacked out.

Once again the six rubber straps are tightly secured around her head, this time tightening is facilitated by the latex rubber hood covering her hair. Her struggles are quite futile as her mistress releases her grip. Although she can’t see, she senses that her mistress is directly in front of her. Her head feels even more compressed as the second latex rubber hood is raised up and over the edges of the terrifying gas mask. The tight rubber forms a tight seal around all the edges of the mask.

Joanne is trying to breathe in a steady fashion as she is beginning to learn how to respond to the restricted breathing. She can breathe through her mouth, but not for much longer. The thing in her mouth is expanding! Oh help, what on earth is mistress going to do next?
Steadily the rubber bladder is now beginning to fill her mouth, compresses her tongue and it presses against the inside of her mouth. It expands to fill her entire mouth and starts to push towards her throat. She is beginning to feel dreadfully uncomfortable and she is relieved a little when her mistress lets some air out. But her relief is short lived as the rubber bladder expands once more, this time to an even greater size. She certainly couldn’t speak now, even if she wanted to. There is further movement in the room and Joanne can sense movement close to her, but not hear anything. Just at that moment she can feel something being placed over her ears. She has worn complete ear covering headphones before and the sensation is similar. In fact she is now wearing professional ear defenders that are used in industrial situations.

Joanne has no idea how long she will be kept inside the ghastly rubber mask. She hopes that it won’t be too long before her mistress releases her. She has to remain sitting in the chair due to the tight restraints holding her firmly in place. All of her bodily senses have been taken away from her to a certain degree, some more than others. She can no longer hear anything at all, she certainly can’t see due to the two levels of eye covering, any chance of uttering more than a throaty gurgle is impossible – she certainly couldn’t shout, cry out or hold any conversation.

She can still smell, but her nostrils are filled with the stench of the awful rubber mask over her face and she can also smell the rubber bladder now filling her mouth, but she can’t distinguish exactly where the smell is coming from. She has been totally covered in layers of rubber and her hands and fingers are severely restricted inside tight fitting rubber gloves with fingerless rubber mittens covering them. She has a degree of touch still available to her, but all she can touch is the lining of the gloves stretched so taut over her skin. In reality she can’t feel anything other than the rubber.
Joanne has no option but to try to remain calm and to endure her present situation.

Friday, 19 April 2019

New Robin Stone Book

Hi there folks!

I don't have much time to say much today except to announce the publication of a new book by my friend, Robin Stone (available on LULU here - click here or on the image above). I am primarily acting as publisher on this one, although I have done some editing and have also been responsible for formatting it so as to suit the requirements of epub.  It is only available as an epub at the moment - and Kindle on Amazon - but PDF and print versions will appear on LULU shortly after Easter. It is not strictly speaking a brand new publication in that it has been previously published under a different title but it has been updated to some extent I'm led to believe.  The cover is by one of Robins friends incidentally. The subject matter is self-explanatory from the title!