Tuesday 5 September 2023

Private Prison Diciplne...An AI Aproach

 I can't say much today...Too little time...But I'll write some stuff later as a comment

Monday 4 September 2023

More AI Image Experiments...Prison Girls

 I had been experimenting with generating more adult school uniforms and gave the AI a little more free rein and it suddenly generated this...And my first thought was "hmm...that looks more like it might be a prison uniform" And of course that concept wouldn't nessesarily be at odds with the kidnapped young women theme I've been playing around with of late. This might be a much later stage and in a different part of the building wherein  a small private prison has been constructed now that it has been decided not to send them back to their families at all. I'd imagine perhaps four small windowless cells, a work room, which is where they are here, learning the prison rules, but usualy they'd be engaged in making bespoke hand made prom dresses and so on - just like they might once have worn - and a medical room furnished with all the equpment nessesary to ensure plenty of deep red faces...There's even a woman wearing a prison wardress uniform to help ensure the girls are completly immersed in their new lives...I don't know what it is but I just love how frumpy those uniform dresses are...I also like the idea that now that they can't say, or even remember, their own names they have become just numbers. I imagine that by this point they have seen the fake newspaper with the headline saying that the police were no longer searching for them since they are presumed dead and that has pretty much broken their spirits

Actualy this image is the best parts of three similar, but faulty, images the AI produced all photomanipulated together

Sunday 3 September 2023

An AI Aproach To A Cruel Use Of Hypnosis

 I took away the model picture I was using to guide the AI image generating platform I have been using and guided it my text prompts only and freed up a bit on how closely it adhers to the prompts and basicaly pretty much let it design its own uniforms and it came up with some pretty idiosyncratic uniforms some of which I personaly found pretty exciting for some reason, although what the influence is behind the uniforms it produced I'm not really sure.

Saturday 2 September 2023

More On Those Three Kidnapped Young Women

 SO...I'm still playing with AI image generation although this particular image is largely photomanipulation and only the heads arms and hands are AI generated...The arms, hands and heads are from an AI image sent me by a friend while the faces were generated by the AI platform I am using... The glass block widow I put in because the possibilities are so interesting...If it is really thick it is going to be just as secure as a barred window while not allowing any kind of meaningful view of the outside world and quite soundproof while still allowing some natuaral light in, but probaly not so much that the light can be turned off...BUT... It might be that the glass block wall is actualy just that - a wall. This could be anywhere in a house or other building, perhaps a loft or even a large basement split up into a series of rooms...The glass block walls, illuminated from behind and with that illumination periodicaly faded and brightend - and the room lights kept on 24 hours a day - would quickly destroy any real sense of the passage of time 

Monday 21 August 2023

My First And Very Own AI Girl

 This turned out to be a really great experiment.... I spent a couple of hours using an on-line AI engine...Of course there were zillions of screw-ups, but even some of them had a sort of charm about - so I've included a couple of those here too - and then sudenly out of the blue it spat out this one...and it instantly told its own story...I have no idea why the AI suddenly posed her this way. All I had to do was fix her tie and add a cane. The prompt I added amongst those I was using was simply 'seated' and I was like...OMG!!!!!! The main thing was that I was after getting an image with a gymslip - and I got a few! The main trick seemed to be prompting for and 'eighteen years old woman' rather using 'girl'

Saturday 19 August 2023

Paying Their Way...

 ...Well it costs good money to keep three young women in clothes and food even with the funds raised from their ransoms...

Friday 18 August 2023

Sexual Reorientation?

 No time for words. I need to get down the pub. Last night's beer is wearing off!!!!