Wednesday, 20 November 2019

A Pre-Institutionalisation Softening up? Or: I Bet THAT Smarts!

Something I found on Tumblr and thought I'd share with those of you who are not regular Tumblr goers. In my mind I like to imagine this as a pre-institutionalisation softening up. the crop wielded by her legal guardian, stepmother, governess or even nanny or nursemaid.

So (to use the modern style of beginning every sentence with 'so', to show I'm up-to-date with my finger on the zeitgeist; I'm still working on the Antipodean terminal upward inflection) having pretty much finished with text-editing and formatting Robin Stone's latest work I am now moving on to the bit I like best - cover design - while at the same time (as there will likely be a certain amount of overlap between both the the imagery and the graphical elements pressed into use) doing a certain amount of work on my own graphics-based project; of which more next time (I hope!), perhaps accompanied by a teaser of some sort. 

By the way: If you want to correspond and share ideas and inspiration with Robin Stone directly - especially as regards the work featured in my previous post, last time - please email me at and I'll pass on your email address to him. 

See y'all next time! Take care!

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